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Week 2 Weigh In – One stone smashed!!*

Week 2 Weigh In – One stone smashed!!*

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*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee


My weigh in day is now Monday and I am delighted to announce that I lost 4 pounds!

With my 12 pounds loss on the first weigh in, (which was on Day 10 due to staying in a hotel) I am so happy to have already lost 1 stone!!

This week has had a lot of challenges, so I can honestly say that I haven’t had the easiest start to the diet but that makes sticking to the plan and seeing the results even more rewarding.

It is so true that when you really want something, nothing or nobody will stand in your way!  And when you want to lose weight, you just have to get on with it, and don’t make any excuses.

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]You can make progress, or you can make excuses, but you can’t make both![/quote]

I am very active in the Secret Slimmers group on facebook, and although my main role there is to motivate and inspire new you dieters to achieve their weight loss goals, I find the group is also very inspirational for me, I get such a buzz out of hearing the excited stories of new you dieters making progress with their goals, it really is the best feeling in the world, and helps to keep me on track too!

I am so impressed with the amazing weight loss results of people in our January Weight Loss Challenge! As a team we are really kicking ass!! If you are not part of the new you tribe yet, then jump in and join us, I will be delighted to share this journey with you.



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