What to eat if you are going to cheat…

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“Eating is Cheating!”

Well yes, it is called total food replacement for a reason, the word TOTAL gives you a clue.

Total Food Replacement is your fast track success route to getting to your slim healthy target weight with no hiccups, consistent great weight losses, no hunger, masses of energy, loads of confidence, and a spring in your step.

When you get into deep ketosis (I have heard many people call this Heaven) life is pretty darn easy, and people could tempt you with cream buns and cheeseburgers all day long and you wouldn’t bat an eye lid.

When you take TOTAL Food Replacement – TOTALLY – there is no easier or faster way to get to your slim healthy target weight.

Once you start eating – you start introducing a whole realm of emotional and physical equations into your diet that can take you off the fast track road to success.

In a nut shell, if you REALLY want to get to your goal in super fast time and don’t want to risk coming off your diet or slowing down results then stick to TFR.

Once you start introducing other foods then you do introduce the risk of being knocked out of ketosis, of having hunger pangs appear, food cravings come back, tiredness to creep in, and general willpower to go out the window.

Yes this is risk, and a very real risk, so it is good to be aware of it, but that is not to say that on the odd occasion if you really feel confident and secure that you will stay on track that you could join in with your friends and family for an occasional meal.

This can be useful if you have a special occasion coming up and feel that you want to pass yourself.

Here are some quick tips to help you with your menu choices….

  1. You need to avoid bread at all costs, it is a big no no.
  2. You need to avoid sugar, so all desserts & fruits are out!
  3. Avoid fried foods and foods served in breadcrumbs.
  4. Avoid foods covered in high fat sauces or dips like prawn cocktail.
  5. Best starters are smoked salmon or vegetable soup.  Only eat half of your starter.
  6. Best mains are chicken breast, fish, steak, with a mixed leaf salad or green veg.
  7. Avoid potatoes, rice and pasta.
  8. Avoid creamy sauces.

Drink sparkling water or still water, and ensure you request no lemon slice.

If you do want to have an alcoholic drink go for a spirit (gin, vodka) and get two slim line / diet  mixers to make it last longer.  Do not drink more than 1 alcoholic drink, and ensure you drink plenty of water.

Alcohol weakens your willpower and is not good to have on a very low calorie diet.  So avoiding it totally is preferable.

If you can stick to 100% Total Food Replacement then it really is the best guarantee you can give yourself that you will not give up on your goals, and that you will end the month feeling proud of yourself.

Occasions may come up when you feel it is difficult to do TFR and this article has been written to help you on these occasions.

Remember that if you have a night off and you can stay disciplined and strong that this is a great indicator that you will be able to maintain your new slim figure when you get to your goal.

Be aware of your thoughts and actions, stay in control and feel proud of yourself for staying disciplined.  Remember that you are on the journey to a new you, and you are not going back to your old ways, even when you get to your goal.

The new you does not over indulge, the new you makes the healthy choices, savours his/her food, sips her drink and enjoys the conversation and company.

The most important thing when partaking in a social occasion and enjoying a small meal is to get back on track the next day 100%.

The next morning, wake up, make a black coffee and have a diet shake and go for a walk, and regain your focus on your diet, and feel excited about your progress, think about how nice it felt the night before to feel slimmer and feel in control.

Take your journey day by day, always do your best, always believe in yourself, never give up!!

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