What a difference 6 stone makes!!!*

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I recently went on holidays with my hubbie and kids for the 1st time since I lost 6 stone!

If you don’t know my story already I lost 6 stone in 6 months last year with www.thenewyouplan.com and have been maintaining since August.

We didn’t go anywhere too exciting, just a holiday park in Wales. We had been there 2yrs previously and loved it.

The difference in holidaying 6 stone lighter was UNREAL!!

I had so much energy and felt excited about getting out and about. Nothing felt like a chore!  It was great to have so much energy to enjoy daily activities with the kids.

The BIGGEST thing I noticed was my own feelings towards the amusement parks!!!

I used to avoid going on anything in these places as I was so embarrassed about my size! I was afraid of not fitting a belt around me or of my butt not fitting into a seat. What a horrible feeling!!!

So this time we were standing in front of those big swing carousel thingys and my husband said are you going to go on with him? (Him being our 5yr old) and my first thought was what if I don’t fit in the seat!!!! It was a knee jerk reaction, I was so used to feeling that way that for a split second I forgot I had lost the weight!!!! Hubbie laughed and said don’t worry you will def fit!!! So off I went proud as punch and sat in the swing, closed the belt with ease and smiled over at my little boy sitting beside me! I looked over at my husband who was waiting at the railing and he was BEAMING!!!!



So the ride started and I was in my element for the whole 3 min as we were swung higher and higher!!

From that moment on it was hard to keep me off anything!!! lol!! Rollercoasters, boat rides, bumper cars, I was on it!!!!

We had an amazing day and I realized what a burden my weight had been on us all during our last holiday even though none of us had ever said it!



If you feel like this when you are on hols/in the park/out and about with your family or friends make the decision to LOSE what is holding you back


Vow to do this FOR YOU! I promise it will be the best decision you have ever made!


Love Lisa xxx


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