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Week 32: “90lbs Lost Thanks To This Amazing TFR Plan!”

Week 32: “90lbs Lost Thanks To This Amazing TFR Plan!”

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Customer Hele has just hit week 32 on our TFR plan and has lost an incredible 90lbs. Watch this week’s video to find out how she’s feeling & get her top tips to help with your own TFR journey!

Another week behind me and another 2lbs lost. Today I can say that I have lost exactly 90lbs! Hurrah! I can hardly believe it!

But despite the 2lb loss, this week was rather difficult for me.

I slipped, I blipped – I came off the plan for a moment. And although I am back 100%, the reason I am sharing this is that I want you all, that it happens to all of us. Yes, it’s not a good thing – absolutely not. But at the same time, it does happen.

TFR Plan

It has happened to me before as well and I remember how down I was. I was also defeated. I felt like I had failed myself and that it was pretty much the end for me and my dieting.

BUT NO! It’s not! As I said, it happens to us all. What is important, is to always stand up again and carry on! I have learnt that through the time.

A great inspiration and support comes from the Cheerleaders in Secret Slimmers. They remind us the whole time to leave the past behind and concentrate on today! So don’t worry about the things you cannot change and focus on today and the things you can change!

TFR Plan

So yes, all of us face moments of weaknesses. Sometimes when we’re poorly we might fall off the wagon, but that doesn’t really matter! What matters is to get up and keep on going!

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and valuate the situation by looking at the bigger picture. In the entire weight loss journey, this is really nothing. So keep the positive attitude, smile and keep going!

So here I am, going again in full power! New week has began and I am fully powered to be back on TFR. The structure, the certainty, the tastes, the community – I love it!!

See you next week!



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