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I’m back on Total Food Replacement!

I’m back on Total Food Replacement!

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total food replacementI am back on Total Food Replacement, and it has been a few weeks from my last post so I have a lot to update you with!

I had a 2 week break from Total food replacement (TFR) as recommended by NICE.  (UK Government Health Agency)

I have to be honest and say that I did find it emotionally hard for about 3-4 days, I think it is the thought of knowing that you are going back on TFR Diet again, but I got through it without doing too much damage.

I put on one pound in the 2 week break, which is OK, considering I had a few slip ups!

When I did have my slip ups, I have to say it was a bit of an anticlimax, the food didn’t taste anywhere near as good as I thought it would and after a couple of mouth fulls I was asking myself… “And I am eating this because???….”  I didn’t eat much, for 2 reasons, I got full quickly and I didn’t enjoy it.  So in a way that has really helped me get back into TFR as I realise I am not missing out on anything.

Someone posted in Secret Slimmers yesterday that they would rather feel a little bit hungry than really full.  That feel after a big dirty dinner is awful isn’t!

I have just completed my first week back on 100% the TFR and I lost 5.5 pounds.

In January 2012 I weighed 15stone 10 (I was actually 16st 10 in November 2011), so I have lost 3stone 3 pounds from I started in January (and 4stone 3 pounds from November.)

My weight loss results haven’t been outstanding, some weeks have been better than others, but I am feeling more excited about the second phase of my total food replacement journey, as I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Secret Slimmers is fab support if you are on Total Food Replacement
Secret Slimmers is fab support if you are on Total Food Replacement

The Secret Slimmers group is a real source of inspiration for me, even though I am supposed to be the one motivating and encouraging everyone else, I get so much out of the group I even struggle to put it into words how much it helps me and how highly I regard the members of the secret slimmers group.  They are amazing. So many people in there have bigger and better success stories and weight loss journeys that I do.  If you are a new you plan customer you can get into this group, so definitely request to join it, as the help you get in there is invaluable.  Just want to say a BIG THANKS to everyone in the group who has supported me over the last few months.

So I am feeling very determined to get some kick ass weight loss results in between now and June, so I focused on 100% Total Food Replacement and lots more moving, walking, yoga & pilates.  I am going on a big trip to the USA in June, and want to be looking as good as I can before I go there.

I would ideally love to lose 2.5 stone – I have 8 weeks to do that, I know it is a long shot, and it is more likely that I will lose 2 stone, but hey, I will still be happy if I lose 2 stone! Ideally I would love to see the 9stone bracket.

Full steam ahead! 🙂  Yeooo…. xx

*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

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