The World of Kitsch: Day Six on The New You Plan*

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The World of Kitsch

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

It’s day six of Claire’s New You experience and she’s been resisting tempting blips from all angles! Catch up on her progress and find out what her take is on our range of tasty meals and snacks.

Day six begins with a confession. I had a little blip last night. My parents and son had a meal together for Tuesday, which I went to pick up, and sat watching them eat with my total food replacement Chocolate Cream Cookie Flavour Bar.  Torture.

I managed to resist however! The blip occurred when we got home. I had an extra product, making yesterday a five product day, not the set four. I placed an order for snacks and the broth, so that should arrive today. That means if I feel the need to have a fifth item any other day, I’ll have them to choose from. You can have two or three of the ketosis friendly snacks in a week. There are crisps, nuts, wafers and chocolate mousse to choose from.

My plan was to just have three products today, to balance out my slip up last night, but when I shared it with the Secret Slimmers Facebook group, they told me nope, I have to stick to four. I hadn’t thought about it, but it’s all to do with your RDA of vitamins and nutrients. The New You Plan products are all specially prepared to give you 100% of what you need in a day, just in a very low calorie package. So if I only had three products today I wouldn’t be getting my 100% RDA of everything, and they want to make sure you stay healthy. So I’ve just had a lemon bar, frozen cause they last longer that way.

Country Cottage Pie meal
The New You Plan Country Cottage Pie meal

Lunch will be Vegetable Chilli, dinner my favourite meal their Country Cottage Pie, and I’ve a Very Nice Vanilla Shake made up with a smaller amount of water so it’s like a Milky Bar Buttons tasting mousse.


My delivery arrived with my products to carry on the next couple of weeks. My plan is to not be just as intensive, but to eat a carb free meal once a day and have two New You Plan products for the other two meals. I’ve also ordered lots of their ketosis friendly snacks, so the weight will keep coming off even on a less strict version of the diet.

My most exciting product to arrive, however, is their Savoury Broth. It’s unlimited, you can drink as much of it as you want each day, and I’ve had three cups already! It’s like a vegetable cup-a-soup flavour, which I’ve added a lot of pepper to. It’s absolutely delicious. I’ve already realised even when I’m not on the New You Plan I’ll still have to order a supply of it, and the Tropical Coconut bars!

Savoury Broth
The New You Plan Savoury Broth

I can’t believe tomorrow is day seven. I’ll tell you tomorrow my plans to carry on with The New You Plan, and on Friday I’ll let you know what my weight loss has been. I’m scared about that as I’ve checked and I’m not dropping as much as most people report to In their first week. I do have the factor that my BMI was already 23 when I started to take into consideration however. Well, we shall see on Friday if my hard work has paid off!

Make sure you check out Claire’s updates for the next few days when she reveals her weight loss from the week!

* consult your GP before embarking on a low calorie diet. Results vary from person to person. My first week’s products have been supplied for review purposes*
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