New You Christmas 12 Days Walking Challenge! (CLOSED)

We want you to go walking this Christmas! Yes, I know the fire is cosy, but all it takes is 15 minutes of walking and this can totally change your Christmas! Check out our post… Why Walking is Wonderful for Weight Loss  which explains why losing weight is a great way to beat cravings and actually research proves that even

What to eat if you are going to cheat…

“Eating is Cheating!” Well yes, it is called total food replacement for a reason, the word TOTAL gives you a clue. Total Food Replacement is your fast track success route to getting to your slim healthy target weight with no hiccups, consistent great weight losses, no hunger, masses of energy, loads of confidence, and a spring in your step. When

November Weigh In Results!*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee Hi everyone who is participating in the November Weight Loss Challenge, this is where you need to post your weight loss results! If you want to join in, please go to the registration post and state your name and how many pounds you want to lose for 30th November! As

Losing Weight Is More Than a Numbers Game

OK so are you ready to lose weight for the LAST TIME? YES?! Good stuff. That means it is time to say CHEERIO to the overweight you, every day from now on you are on a journey, gaining momentum to become a slimmer healthier version of you. The overweight person you are now is no more, the future is bright,

REGISTRATION: November Weight Loss Challenge*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee Hi everyone, You will never guess how we spent Halloween night?? We decided to go to the big tesco store, so we pulled up in the car park around 7:30pm and I mentioned how much I love going to B&Q, as it is right beside the tesco, so we decided

8 Tips to Get Motivated to Be A New You

To get you on the path to results so you can achieve a NEW YOU, here are 8 ways to help get master your motivation to workout and get started on your diet to transform your body and your mind…. Are you ready?!?!? 1. Find Your Reasons Why You need to figure out a compelling purpose. For example, if your

How long will it take you to get slim?*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee How much weight do you have to lose?  Does it seem like too long a wait?? 2 stone, 3 stone, 5 stone, 7 stone, 8 stone or more? On total food replacement you can lose approximately 1 to 1.5 stone per month, in the first month some people might even

Welcome to The New You Diet Blog

Woohoo!  Welcome to the brand spanking new blog for New You Diet. I am so excited to have this nice new shiny blog and will be hoping that we can build up a great online community here so please do leave comments and share the blog posts with your friends on facebook etc. This blog will be updated regularly with… Weight

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