Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 77

  Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 77 Ellie’s week 11 weigh-in | VLCD Welcome to my Day 77 (Eleventh weeks weigh in) Thank you all for joining me on my eleventh week weigh in…. I am super excited about my results WOOHOO!! I cannot believe that in my 77 days (11 weeks) on The New You Plan I have lost

Sport Relief | Winners Announced!

Sport Relief 2014 | Winners Announced! Sport Relief video We absolutely loved our old school sports day with our colleagues here at New You HQ (as I’m sure you can tell from the video!) However, because we were having such a blast it is quite hard to tell which staff member won each event, so we have made it easy

The New You Plan | Sport Relief Day

Sport Relief 2014 Sport Relief is charity event that is run every second year and is organised by Comic Relief, in association with BBC Sport. The event is designed to see a merging of all sports across all levels. Regardless of the sport or the level of  the public profile of the players the end aim is always the same.

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 50

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 50   Welcome to my week 7 weigh in, I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I cannot believe that I am on Day 50 of my New You Journey. The days are just flying in. I am feeling really good, my weight loss and BMI is going down and down. My mood

Love Commandment 3: Exercise More|VLCD TFR

Melissa’s first blog series is making a serious impact on readers, discussing how to LOVE YOUR BODY this February! In her third installment of 10 New You Commandments to Love Your Body, she outlines the benefits of exercise – not only on weight loss, but on overall wellbeing and how to stay motivated: [article below] Love Commandment 3: Exercise More

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 29*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 29 Ellie day 29 weigh in | VLCD Hey Everyone, Oh WOW the days are just FLYING in. I am absolutely BUZZING at the moment. Yayyyy 🙂 Can you believe 4 weeks have passed already?  As weird as it is writing this I am SUPER motivated and

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 2

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 2 Ellie Day 2 Welcome Back, Thank you all for joining me on Day 2 of my New You Journey! As you can see on my Day 1 I recorded my weighins for you all to see, worked out my BMI, my measurements have all been taken and I have started to fill in my

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 1

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 1   Ellie day 1 complete Hi Everyone, Thank you for joining me on my first day of my New You Journey. I really hope by blogging my journey it will help me stay more accountable and give me that push that I need.  I also really want to help you guys on your journeys,

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