Day 6 – Set for Success Sunday FROM NICE!

Today is SUNDAY!  Sunday is the perfect day of the week to reflect on the week that has past and to plan for the week ahead. Over the next 6 weeks, I am going to be bring you sunshine as part of our SUMMER HOLIDAY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE!  I hope you have signed up to the challenge, you still can, so […]

Day 5 – Video postcard from Nice!

Bonsoir from Nice! *Results may vary, this is not a guarantee. We have just arrived in our first destination in Nice!  First impressions is it is very nice indeed, I am looking forward to having a walk up the promenade, but I wanted to make you a quick video and give you a summary of the week before I go […]

How to be an Olympic Champion in Your Life

It’s true that all the glam and glitz seems to bombard us every four of years when Olympic games roll around. But I don’t think the “Olympic spirit” is something experienced by just the elite athletes. I think that spirit and the glory of it can be experienced by any one of us even if we don’t get to stand […]

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