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Summer Is Here: 5 Top Tips To Make Your Summer Diet Work*

Summer Is Here: 5 Top Tips To Make Your Summer Diet Work*

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It’s Summer Solstice, which means that summer has officially arrived! Thankfully you don’t have to ditch your summer diet. Check out our top tips to help you stay on track this season.

Here at The New You Plan, we understand that many of our customers will be using summer as their goal. Whether it’s a holiday abroad, a family celebration, attending a wedding, or it’s just the idea of wearing less during the warmer weather, summer serves as the perfect motivation.

However, we also understand that dieting during summer can feel harder and we’re here to quash that notion and prove to you WHY summer is the ideal time to stick to your diet. Armed with our top tips, you can definitely make your diet work* this summer!

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1. Up Your Water Intake

First up, we’re going back to basics. While we’re always preaching the importance of keeping your water intake high while on plan, this DEFINITELY applies during summer, especially when the weather is hotter. Staying hydrated is vital but thankfully we have loads of easy ways to stay cool and thirst-free. Our collection of deliciously refreshing Water Flavourings are the best place to start. These can be added to still or sparkling water and served over ice for added coolness. They can even be made up and popped into ice-lolly moulds to enjoy throughout the day, meaning you can have a tasty treat and reach your daily water goal.

2. Exercise Outdoors

While exercise isn’t necessary on plan, if you do like to include some movement, make sure you make the most of the dry weather and get outdoors. Exercising outside has many proven benefits such as boosting your mental health, lowering stress levels, giving your body some much needed fresh air, burning more calories than exercising indoors and enhancing your self esteem. If the weather is hot, try exercising early or later in the day when it’s cooler.

3. Eat Cold Meals

We get it… the idea of a hot bowl of pasta might not be appealing in the middle of a heatwave. Thankfully, our range includes some delicious options that allow you to stick to your diet and stay cool. Our Shakes, Bars & Muesli are perfect for warmer weather. With the Shakes, you can have these with ice, or even freeze them to make lollies. Our Bars & Wafers taste amazing straight from the fridge too.

Check out these amazing ice-lollies made by one of our customers. If you fancy trying these for yourself, here are some great combos to get you started…

🍰 Caramel Cake pack with Fudge Bar pieces

πŸ₯ White Chocolate & Raspberry Shake with half a Raspberry Wafer

🍫 Chocolate Brownie & Truffa Bar

🍎 Blueberry & Apple shake with Apple + Cinnamon Biscuit

🍊 Choc Orange Shake with Orange Truffa Bar pieces

πŸ₯€ Vanilla Shake with half a Protein Balls pack

πŸ“ Strawberry Shake with half a Protein Balls pack

4. Enjoy Iced-Lattes With None Of The Guilt

Iced-lattes and summer go hand-in-hand but thankfully, you can make your own with none of the guilt. And in our opinion, they taste better! Make up either a New You Plan Vanilla or Cafe Latte Shake, add an extra spoonful of coffee and serve over ice for a barista iced latte experience! YUM.

5. Go For A Swim

Swimming is a great all-rounder exercise, but some can be put off by this in the winter months. The thought of getting wet and cold makes you want to stay curled up on the sofa. But in the summer, a swim can be very refreshing and even when you’ve got your heart pumping, you don’t feel hot and sweaty. Cold water swimming has really taken off recently and if you’re lucky enough to live near the sea, you can enjoy its many benefits including decreasing inflammation, increasing immunity, improving hair and skin health, boosting metabolism and burning calories and dramatically improving mental health.

The New You Plan includes over 50 delicious meals and snacks. Whether you fancy something hot and savoury or cool and sweet, there is something for every taste and every season. Stick to your diet this summer and end the season proud of what you’ve achieved and thankful you didn’t give up.

Check out our Special Offer Bundles and start your summer diet today!

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