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Self care matters – Week 3 of our Journey to Self Love

Self care matters – Week 3 of our Journey to Self Love

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When we first think of self-care, our minds often drift to images of relaxing in a private spa with a glass of champagne, or perhaps an appointment to the nail salon, or even better, a weekend retreat at a sunny location. And while these can all be considered some form of self-care, I want to remind you that it can also be even simpler. Caring for yourself.

It is natural for us, parents especially, to neglect and ignore ourselves for the sake of someone or something else. It could very well be that you’ve decided to shift your attention to your kids if you are a parent, to your partner if you are in a relationship and even to your career if you are employed. Sometimes all three! However, neglecting and ignoring yourself and your what your mind and body needs for a prolonged period of time isn’t healthy and doesn’t benefit anyone in the longterm. Self-care matters whether you know it or not.

Think of self-care as a necessary investment into your mind, body and soul. It can involve a financial investment on yourself as well a time investment with yourself but most importantly it is developing a loving relationship with your mind, body and soul so that you are able to recognise what these individual aspects of yourself need. You have needs, just like your kids, partner and job do. And you are a worthy priority. 

While on your New You journey you may want to focus on how you view yourself physically, how you think of yourself mentally, and how you understand your body and treat yourself. It is so important to make self-care a priority during your journey because it strengthens your self-discipline of your mind and body which you need while on this journey.

Common reasons we may decide to forego self-care may be:

  1. Guilt – It may seem completely illegal to be sitting in a spa somewhere while your kids are at home driving the other partner insane (speaking specifically to the moms). Or that you are spending money on New You products to look and feel good rather than on something else for someone else. That is your human instinct of not wanting to ‘abandon’ the kids however, in order for you to continue to take good care of them, you need to be in tip-top shape. Their comfort depends on your health and wellness and once you explain that you need a little bit of maintenance to achieve some personal goals, it should be understood. You deserve to be pampered every month for all the hard work you do and a little reward and recognition goes a long way. Don’t feel guilty.
  2. Not enough money – If what you really want has a price tag to it that you aren’t yet able to afford why not create a Self-Care Fund where you and members of your family and friends can contribute to it. It could be a weekly or monthly savings plan until you’ve saved up enough or you can also consider more affordable alternatives until you’ve saved enough. Cost should not get in the way of you wanting to take care of yourself. Remember you are a priority and you are worth the investment but there are self-care routines that are completely free too!
  3. Not enough time – I get it. You work a 9 to 5 and then when you arrive home it is another set of tasks followed by this and that. It can leave you exhausted. All the more reason to create a Self-Care calendar to schedule in the days and time for YOU. You must listen to your body and mind for when they need a break. Everyone has to rest. It is a basic human necessity. Improving your relationship with your body means you will recognise when you need ME TIME and scheduling will avoid burnout. Me Time is all about showing yourself the love it needs just as we show others how we love them.
  4. Not in the mood – We have our good days and then we have our not so good days and I completely understanding not being in the mood. Our emotions and hormones fluctuate all the time and not having control of them or not being able to recogonize them can be disastrous ie. emotional eating. Sometimes our mind needs self-love and on the days we aren’t in the mood could very well just be a sign that we need some extra love and appreciation. Sometimes we can get this from our family and friends but ultimately you are your biggest cheerleader. Listening to mood-boosting music, reciting positive affirmations, dancing, and laughing for no reason can all be ways to boost our happy hormones. Find an activity that allows you to unwind and not overthink. The mind just wants a break, so give it.
  5. It is just too much work – Sticking to a meal plan might sound like a challenge. I know. The ten-step skincare routine sounds daunting. Or taking an hour drive with a two-hour wait at the salon while scheduling a babysitter for a date is a lot of work. Been there, done that but, the end result is worth it. A change of environment and a change of routine does wonders for the mind and soul. Sometimes a home spa in your bathtub with bubbles and music can be the same experience as being at a professional spa. Your New You meal replacements are easy to make and quick to enjoy. Use your creativity and make the best of your situation. I guarantee you the memory of it will be so rewarding. Have your family and friends help you if there is a lot of work to do but most importantly, have fun.

Follow these simple steps to add more self-care into your daily routine and indulge in activities that take care of the mind, body, and soul. Self-care matters. You matter! I hope you are encouraged to love yourself more daily.

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