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TFR Science: 8 Reasons Why Ketosis Kicks Fat’s Ass

TFR Science: 8 Reasons Why Ketosis Kicks Fat’s Ass

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There is great power in knowledge. Understanding why exactly our plan works will spur you on to achieve more! Here, we share 8 reasons why ketosis kicks fat’s ass…

Our diet has many terms associated with it such as Total Food Replacement, Very Low Calorie Diet and Ketosis. Call it what you will but the one BIG feature of our plan is that this naturally occurring state is one of the fundamental keys to your success and understanding it will help you to fully realise the great power that is has.

In the simplest of terms a ketogenic diet  restricts the amount of carbohydrates that your diet contains. As such, your body uses its remaining glycogen stores that are formed in the presence of glucose, at which point your body turns to its other stores of energy which are your fat stores.

This state of ketosis is so powerful in burning your body’s fat reserves, which is why weight loss is both safe and fast.

Want to know more about ketosis? Here’s 8 reasons why it turns your body into a fat burning machine:

1) When your body is in this state it is now fuelling itself, meaning that you won’t feel hungry.

Yes… really!! So many of our customers say they NEVER feel hungry, once ketosis has kicked in. What’s more, they often have to sent reminders to take their fourth meal of they day because they just don’t get those hunger pangs. Finally… a diet where you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. Typically if you use our products correctly you will achieve this state in less than a week and remain there until you either hit your goal weight or take a break.

2) Prepare to become a human rocket!

On a ketogenic diet one of the other amazing side effects is that you’ll have tons of energy. You won’t believe how good you feel and how much energy you have. At the start of the diet, just before you get into ketosis and your body is using up its remaining glycogen stores, you may find that you have a lack of energy and possibly headaches that come with conventional calorie restricted diets. However once you get into ketosis you will have bundles of energy as your body now has stores to hand whenever it needs it. So many of our customers say their houses have never been cleaner, they’ve taken up gentle exercise or a new hobby because they finally feel full of energy.

3) Happiness is a state of mind

Ketosis gently nudges this a step further as many people state they enjoy an overall better sense of well being. This combined with rapid weight loss results is a win-win!

4) Experience inspiring weight loss results

Leading on from point three, as your body is using its own stores for energy you are going to enjoy the fastest weight loss that is safely achievable. Ketosis combined with the benefits of our nutritionally complete products means that your body is going to be operating at its best levels for FAST weight loss.

5) Enjoy a reduction in harmful abdominal fat

It has also been discovered that ketogenic diets / low carb diets are very effective at reducing the harmful abdominal fat. This means that you notice your shape change quickly on this type of diet with the added benefit that a reduction in the type of fat stores that are typically found in the stomach reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

6) Motivating results that keep you going

With a ketogenic diet the first weight you lose is your glycogen stores which is basically liquid energy that is stored in your muscles and liver. At the start, when you use these stores up, your weight loss will be explosive. This means in your first week you are going to see the results that are going to keep you driven and moving forward on this diet.

7) Reduce cholesterol

Ketogenic and low carb diets have been shown to reduce the level of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), which is a form of cholesterol. It has been discovered that this type of diet increases the size of these particles while lowering the density of them.

8) It’s safe!

Ketogenic VLCD diets are totally safe and medically approved and can be sustained safely for periods of up to 12 weeks (or more, if given the go ahead from your doctor), which means that you can take comfort in the fact that you are remaining healthy while losing weight. This is so important when you are at a point where you are undertaking something as profound as weight loss as you need to know that what you are doing is safe!

Armed with this knowledge, you have the ability to kick your body’s fat fast!

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*Everyone is different, and we can’t guarantee how much weight you will lose. Check out our success stories to see what our customers have lost. 

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4 thoughts on “TFR Science: 8 Reasons Why Ketosis Kicks Fat’s Ass

    • Author gravatar

      i have found the plan to be the best experience of my life bar having my 2 kids lol it has changed my life so much,i am a much happier healthier person i can do things i havent been able to do for years like climb the stairs without my dodgy leg giving in and having to sit down half way i have energy to beat the band(dublin saying)and the feeling of well being hasnt left me since day one i could go on but you would get fed up lol lets just say the plan is fantastic and leave it at that xxx

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Pauline, Thank you so much for the support again and I love hearing that you have enjoyed the experience so much. You have done so well and earned every benefit you have seen. Have an awesome week Pauline 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      If only the energy would kick in! Sadly for me this doesn’t happen. But it is brilliant not to feel too hungry on this diet. I do get cravings and try not to succumb cos I know I am a comfort eater, but without any other food in the house I can only eat too many bars!!
      As I was worried about a potential diabetes risk, losing the right fat is a very good reason to do this diet too 🙂

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Alison, thanks for the support and I am glad you enjoyed the blog. You may find that your energy levels pick up and in terms of this it is really important that you keep your water intake up too 🙂 You have done so well and Ellie and I have loved having your support. Good luck Alison and call on us any time you need anything.

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