[Post Your Weigh in] March Weight Loss Challenge

[Post Your Weigh in] March Weight Loss Challenge

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Blog Written by Tasha Hynes




This Month we want to help you get your Mojo BACK!!!

Last Month we were focusing on You learning how to love yourself!!


February was an AMAZING Month for weight loss all round There was a total of 76Stone  Lost in the month of February between 103 people, so many people Smashed their Targets for the month WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!


So are you ready to smash some lbs in March???  All you have to do is take part in our March weight loss Challenge and our Unleash your Mojo themed days and try and make the difference to how you feel ?




Please make sure you have signed up for the March Weight loss Challenge and entered your weight loss goal on the registration thread so you can be entered onto the leaderboard…






Wooohooooo the Leader-board has been updated!!!!! We have lost a WHOOPING 62STONE in just 4 short weeks!!!! BOOOOYAAAAAAAAA!!! 872lbs GONE!!! <3 


Watch the Video below to see who our lucky winner of the fitbit is!!!!!! 



This thread is only for UPDATING your weekly weight loss on your weigh-in day! Please scroll to the comments section below and enter your name and weight loss for the week!


As February was such an AMAZING Month with the weight loss challenge ? We are going to continue to keep you on track and motivated each week! To do this we are going have an AMAZING prize draw every Friday for everyone who has updated their weight loss for that week!

What are you going to win you ask????

Well, because we are really focused on making sure you get the best from The New You plan we are going to be giving away 4 FREE FITBITS in the Month of March!!! WOOHOO!!!!




Benefits of the Fitbit:

  • Step Counter

  • PC Connectivity

  • Calorie Counter

  • Alarm

  • Distance Counter

  • Water Resistant

  • Activity Time Tracker

  • Accelerometer – this measures the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body.


It is so easy to take part and so easy to win such an AMAZING prize!! This year we want you to focus on YOU!! We want to help you get your Mojo back 🙂




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