New You Transformation Challenge Runner Up, Ciara, lost 3 Stone In 12 Weeks!

New You Transformation Challenge Runner Up, Ciara, lost 3 Stone In 12 Weeks!

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Committing to the New You Plan for 12 weeks has resulted in Ciara losing 3 stone 1 lbs. 


Losing 3 stone in a short space of time is a fantastic achievement, and so is winning £250 New You Credit. Ciara has embraced the New You Plan, but when she started out she wasn’t optimistic. Read below how our runner up found her self worth and gained more confidence and grab yourself some inspiration whilst you’re at it.

NY: How much have you lost and how long did it take you?
CIARA: So from January I have lost 3st 1lb so that has been in over the 12 weeks!

NY: How did you discover the New You Plan?
CIARA: It was Jenny, my next-door neighbour. I’ve put on quite a lot of weight over the last few years and I’m also registered disabled so she would come to visit me daily. It was her who said we should do something about it together. So she actually found New You Plan online and we ordered it last October.

Before New You

NY: Describe how you felt before starting the Plan.
CIARA: Honestly I have never been more ashamed of myself since putting on weight. My mum passed away two years ago and from then I just developed a very unhealthy eating habit. I didn’t want to be in photographs and I was just really struggling with my size. I just felt embarrassed to go anywhere and be seen.

NP: What was your first impression of the Plan?
CIARA: The very first packet I had was the Irish stew. I opened the packet and I’ll never forget telling my husband that this is never going to work. So my husband made the tacos and oh my lord it was something I really enjoyed! Because I have celiac as well when you get food that is gluten-free is very different and very tasteless. But with New You, everything tastes great even the bars and crisps. Being able to have all this and know that it’s gluten-free is amazing.


Beginning the Plan

NY: What was your first week like?
CIARA: Having encouragement from my husband was great. The 1st and 2nd nights were ok then the 3rd night I was quite tired. Because I suffer from other illnesses I go through cycles where I just want to eat. But after that, I think because it’s so easy to follow it was great! You are just putting the food out and that’s it. It just made life so much easier.

NY: What are your favourite meals and snacks?
CIARA: Definitely the bacon crisps! And it’s a toss between the crispy caramel or the strawberry bar. Also the chilli and tacos.

NY: What was your biggest non-scale victory?
CIARA: That’s a tough one. I think to have some confidence back. I’m starting to believe in myself again and feeling my self-worth. 

Motivation is key

NY: What was your biggest motivator for staying on Plan?
CIARA: I think proving people wrong! At the start when I told people what I was doing a lot of people doubted it and said it wouldn’t work including some family members. So it was the negativity from everyone. Except for my hubby and friend Jenny who encouraged me and said they would help with preparing the meals and encouraging me. Just getting past the negativity and thinking this plan will work. And it does work! It’s just about having that willpower in your head and sticking to it.

NY: How has the Plan changed your life? How has your health improved?
CIARA: Health wise I have a lot going on but I feel like I’m actually able to breathe again. Even walking short distances was a real struggle. I was out of breath and I used to have a lot of falls. I’ve not had any problems with my chest since starting the Plan. I think it’s because I’m now getting all the nutrients and vitamins that I wasn’t getting before, with my old eating habits and bad diet. I’d usually suffer from sores on my lips which I don’t get anymore. I just feel so much healthier within myself.


Making memories

NY: Since losing weight, what is your happiest memory?
CIARA: It would have to be when I almost fell off the scales with shock the first week when I weighed myself! I’d lost10lb! I think I scared my husband because I let out a yell. I just couldn’t believe I had lost so much in the first week, I honestly thought the scales were wrong. That was definitely what kept me going because within two weeks I had lost 1st . It’s amazing!

NY: What is the nicest compliment you have received since losing weight?
CIARA: My husband told me I looked absolutely stunning and I just thought that was beautiful and it meant a lot to me.

Sound advice

NY: What advice would you offer anyone thinking of starting the Plan?
CIARA: Number one make sure you are part of the Secret Slimmers Facebook group. Getting to know people and having support is so important. Pascal on a Tuesday night and also the journal. You also need to believe in the Plan because it really does work and the results speak for themselves. Having support 24/7 is amazing.
Ciara lost 3 stone in 3 months which is impressive. It just goes to show what you can achieve when you focus and surround yourself with support. 
New you supply you with all the support and tools you need to succeed, at no extra cost because your ability to reach your goals means everything to us here at New You. So if you’ve got 1, 2, 3 stone or even more to lose, then see what you can achieve with the New You Total Plan.
Thank you Ciara for sharing your inspirational journey with us!
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