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New You Plan Cheerleaders’ Top Tips For Tackling The Christmas Holidays

New You Plan Cheerleaders’ Top Tips For Tackling The Christmas Holidays

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New You Plan cheerleaders

Worried about coming off the plan over Christmas? Don’t panic! Our New You Plan Cheerleaders have your covered with their top tips for handling the festive season.

For many of our customers, Christmas can be a worrying time. After being on plan for weeks, or even a few months, many fear going back to conventional food. One of the great things about Total Food Replacement is the structure that it offers. Our customers know what they are eating, and when they are eating it. This reduces the needs for calorie counting, food weighing or worrying if what they are eating will impact on their weight loss.

So many people find the simplicity of the routine of eating four of our meal packs a day comforting. This is why, when it comes to introducing conventional foods into their lives again, it can cause a bit of worry.

Christmas is a common time of the year for our customers to go off plan for a while. But while you may be taking a break, it is reassuring to know that with a few top tips, you won’t be undoing your amazing weight loss.

And who better to ask for their advice than our amazing Cheerleaders who know this plan inside and out.

Here’s what they had to say…

Pauline has lost almost 9 stone:

 “My tips which have helped me the last two years are:

  • Have your New You packs for breakfast/lunch if possible.
  • Have a main meal which is mostly protein and veg. Avoid having too many carbs. I also have a small dessert. It is Christmas after all! I don’t drink so I can’t offer advice on alcohol but I do advise to keep drinking water throughout the day.
  • I do also have a few treat but it’s just about not going overboard.”

 Lucy has lost 6 stone:

“My tips for getting through Christmas with minimal damage are to plan ahead and not just eat for the sake of eating. It has to be something special for me to decide if it’s worth having. Since being on The New You Plan, I’ve become choosier about what I decide to put in my body. I am making an itinerary of meals that I really, really want and will be having them over Christmas but there will still be a fair few New You packs on my menu too!”

Vanessa has lost almost 5 stone:

“My tips that work for me are drinking sparkling water to help me feel fuller. I try to have my first product later in the day around lunchtime. If I forget to take my packs with me to work I’ll opt for protein such as green veg or salad. I now have spare packs in my locker and car boot. Green tea, Redbush and peppermint teas are great hydrators. I have loads throughout the day. If I have to go out for a meal I just try to enjoy myself and limit the damage.”

Armed with our New You Plan Cheerleaders’ top tips, tackling the festive season will be a breeze!


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Top tips

Top tips

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