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Join Our End 2019 Strong Transformation Challenge For Your Chance To WIN £1000

Join Our End 2019 Strong Transformation Challenge For Your Chance To WIN £1000

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This season, we are on a serious mission to keep our customer motivated to smashing their goals so that they look and feel amazing and end 2019 strong and step into the new decade as a brand new you!

Picture this – fast forward to December 2019; You are wearing jeans or that sparkly Christmas dress a few sizes smaller and you just got £1000 cash deposited into your bank just in time for Christmas! BOOM!

Sounds good? Well that IS going to happen to one of our customers this December and why should it not be you? 

Following on from the amazing success of our Spring and Summer Transformation Challenges, we have just launched an incredible challenge to help ALL our customers create a WOW transformation and end 2019 STRONG!


You have 13 weeks to create your best transformation and the opportunity to win that £1k cash prize.

This could just be what you need to give yourself that extra oomph to get you head in the game and end 2019 the way you’ve always dreamed: feeling fit and looking fabulous in that festive little black dress.

If you give the next 12 weeks, seriously amazing things can be achieved…

  • Say hello to enjoying that Christmas party as the belle of the ball
  • Say hello as that zip on your favourite party dress goes up with ease
  • Say hello to a brand new wardrobe in 3 or even 4 dress sizes smaller*
  • Say hello to lots of family photos that you can treasure for years to come
  • Say hello to stylish winter clothes that flatter your figure, rather that cover it up
  • Say hello to great health, vitality and adventure. No more sitting on the side-lines.
  • Say hello to £1000 cash to spend on whatever you like!

The challenge kicks off now, and all entries should be submitted by Friday 13th December. So you have 12 weeks to create an epic, life-changing transformation.


12 weeks on plan can create a jaw dropping transformation!!

You do not have to do the full 12 weeks – maybe you only want/need to do a few weeks. That is OK – the goal here is for you to create the best transformation you can between now and the middle of December.

Supporting Maintainers

At The New You Plan, we are also committed to helping our customers when they reach their goal. With this in mind, we are also going to give £50 New You credit to those who commit to maintaining their loss this year right through to Christmas. We also want these slimmers to submit their I AM IN photos (see below) which is a pledge that they are going to maintain and also their I ENDED 2019 Strong poster. These customers will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire with regards to how they have maintained and their tips for other slimmers so that they can share their success and inspire others.

At the end of the challenge, 1 lucky person will receive £1000 cash and be named the WINNER of our End 2019 Strong Transformation Challenge. There will also be New You point and product prizes for the runners up!

Spot Prizes Throughout

And because we want to keep your motivation levels sky-high at all times, you can expect plenty of surprises along the way. We are going to have winners throughout the months of October, November, December who are going to win a 1-month bundle for their progress so far!

  • 1st prize of the challenge will be announced on Friday 11th October
  • 2nd prize of the challenge will be announced on Friday 1st November
  • 3rd prize of the challenge will be announced on Friday 22nd November
  • 4th prize of the challenge will be announced on Friday 13th December


Take a clear full length “before photo” holding the front of this poster that says I AM IN! 

Click here to download

You can join the transformation challenge at any time. The sooner you join the more time you will have to create a WOW transformation that could help you to win the cash prize of £1K cash.

You can share your photo on your social media or in our Secret Slimmers group with #End2019Strong for a chance to WIN A SPOT PRIZE or if your prefer not to show it until you complete your transformation, that’s ok!

If you are sharing it on social media, make sure the post is public and you tag us so that we can see it!  

Take your “after photo” using the other side of the poster that says I ENDED 2019 STRONG.

Submit your before and after photos holding the 2 posters to [email protected] before midnight Friday 13th December for your chance to WIN £1000 cash. Please note, photos submitted may be used for marketing purposes. Terms and conditions apply.

Good luck!

End 2019 Strong Challenge Bundle

End 2019 STRONG With Our Brand New Bundles

To compliment the End 2019 Strong Transformation CHALLENGE we are launching x3 NEW End 2019 Strong Bundles.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to buy these bundles to take part in the challenge! You can use the meals you already have, but if you need meals and you are motivated to create a WOW TRANSFORMATION this year, then these bundles are perfect!

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