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How To Integrate The Mediterranean Diet With Your New You Plan

How To Integrate The Mediterranean Diet With Your New You Plan

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The New You Plan + Mediterranean Diet 3

So you’re on the Fast Focus New You Plan, and you’re ecstatic that you’re dropping off the pounds. However, you may have gone on other diets before, and you’re apprehensive about gaining all that weight back. Not to worry, The New You Plan will support you on your journey back to eating “regular food.”

One thing has to be clear, though: The New You Plan, especially Fast Focus, will put you on a great momentum to losing weight. However, if you go back to old, counterproductive, eating habits, the hard truth is, you will really go back to your old weight. If you want to maintain the newfound lightness in your body, if you want to create a new you, you need to find a new way to eat.

And this is where our support comes in: We will help you find sensible ways to eat that will not only sustain and maintain your new self, but our suggestions may also help your body get healthier and fitter.

We strongly, enthusiastically, and heartily suggest the Mediterranean Diet, for instance.

Mediterranean Diet
A sample of a Mediterranean Diet meal: Bruschetta Antipasto with Avocado on the side. Note the generous helping of tomatoes on top, and the dominance of greens on the plate. Healthy! 🙂


It’s fatty, it’s fruity, it’s definitely nutty. It’s a big fan of rich, red wine, too. And yet, it’s sooo good for you.

The Mediterranean Diet has been hailed to support heart and brain health, and may prevent—even reverse cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. While studies are ongoing as to the effect of the Mediterranean Diet on those who have already fallen ill to heart disease and diabetes, the diet has already established one thing: It promotes longevity, period.

Doctors and medical researchers have turned their attention on to the Mediterranean Diet, as the residents of the coastal area lining the Mediterranean Sea have been found to have a longer life expectancy. Residents of Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain may take their red wine and extra virgin olive oil in abundance, but they are expected to live longer than the most of us. In fact, a recent study has discovered that people (who don’t necessarily live around the Mediterranean Basin) who adopt the Mediterranean Diet and adhere to it as best as they can are expected to live longer, healthier lives, by a whopping 37%.

But what is the Mediterranean Diet, and how do you integrate it into your lifestyle?

It’s basically a diet with lots of fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish intake, and extra virgin olive oil doses in all your meals.

While most people think that pizza and pasta are the cornerstones of the Mediterranean Diet, the truth is, those two foods are reserved for special occasions. The true cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet is in copious amounts of olive oil—monounsaturated fats—good fats that sweep out the bad fats, cholesterol, and fatty plaque that line our arteries as we grow older. In fact, two women who have lived to be over 100, in fact, over 120, attribute their longevity to a high consumption of olive oil. Jeanne Calment lived up to 122 years and 164 days, and was said to consume “a diet rich in olive oil,” while Mariam Amash consumed around a glass or more of olive oil, daily.

Noting these two supercentenarian women’s high and regular, even daily, consumption of olive oil, you’d see that a central component to what makes the Mediterranean Diet healthy is in the olive oil.

But the Mediterranean Diet is more than that. Aside from the olive oil, it’s all about the vegetables, the fish, the fruit, the nuts, and, who could forget the wine.

In order to be able to adhere to the diet properly and with the full health benefits, it would be a good idea to learn all the components involved in it. Below is a list of food items central to the Mediterranean Diet, as well as other foods that you may need to cut back on.

According to the Mediterranean Diet Foundation via The Telegraph, these are the recommended food intakes for the best adherence to the diet:

Vegetables: 2 servings per meal or more

Fruit: 1-2 servings per meal

Wholegrain cereals: 1-2 servings per meal

Olives, nuts, seeds: 1-2 servings every day

Extra virgin olive oil: Add it to all your meals, if possible

Dairy: 2 servings every day, and go for the full-fat or all-natural variety

Eggs: 2-4 servings weekly

Legumes: 2 servings or more in a week

Fish/seafood: 2 servings or more in a week

White meat: Strictly 2 servings in a week

Red meat: Strictly no more than 2 servings in a week

Processed meat: Strictly no more than 1 serving in a week

Wine: 1 glass every day for healthy women, 2 glasses daily for healthy men, consumed with meals

Desserts: Strictly no more than 2 servings in a week

Download the PDF version of these guides HERE.

While those with a sweet tooth may find it difficult to read that desserts are limited to “just” two servings every week, the fact that you are encouraged to have around 2 servings of fruit in every meal should fill your craving for something sweet. After all, scientists have theorized that our sweet tooth may have “evolved” because our bodies are encouraged to take in a good serving of fruit.

The Mediterranean Diet is possibly the best diet you could switch to, once you’re ready to transition from Fresh Focus to Family Focus. It is a healthy but indulgent diet system that has been proven to work, and even prolong lives.

If you’ve been addicted to junk food and sweets for the longest time, you may feel a little intimidated about the change. However, as one of our happy customers, Eamonn, has said, “Mostly it’s all in your head, so you need to be determined. And stay focused.”

Surely, if what’s ahead of you is a longer life, and more life to your years, that’s more than enough reason to stay focused, and stay on track with getting healthy.

And who knows? You may enjoy your journey while you’re on it. Red wine, lots of fruits, lots of fish, lots of nuts? What’s not to love!

The New You Plan + Mediterranean Diet

Integrating The Mediterranean Diet Into Your FRESH FOCUS Or FAMILY FOCUS Transition:

So when you switch from FAST FOCUS to FRESH FOCUS or FAMILY FOCUS, you can follow the Mediterranean Diet for the other meals you are allotted:

  • FRESH FOCUS: Follow our FAST FOCUS (Total Food Replacement Plan) for at least 2 days a week, then you may eat a Mediterranean Diet plan for the other days a week. Scroll back up to the guidelines on how to follow the Mediterranean Diet maximally.
    • Sample Fresh Focus Plan: Take the prescribed FAST FOCUS meal replacement plans on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then have Mediterranean Diet meals the rest of the week. Alternatively, you may schedule your FAST FOCUS days on Saturdays and Sundays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on how intensely you want to maintain your FRESH FOCUS regimen.
  • FAMILY FOCUS: Family Focus is all about giving you a meal to enjoy with your family, daily. So take 3 New You meal packs every day, then pattern your healthy family meal after a tasty Mediterranean Diet meal (see our Mediterranean Diet Meal suggestions below).
  • Sample Mediterranean Diet Meals:
    • Breakfast: Greek Yogurt, an egg, preferably boiled or poached, or cooked on low heat in extra virgin olive oil, half a cup of oatmeal (or use a pack of “Mmm Apple and Cinnamon TFR VLCD Porridge,” top with fruits and nuts), a bowl of greens, say lettuce and kale drizzled in Italian/Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinaigrette Dressing, and 2 cups of your fruit of choice. Try pears and apples in your oatmeal, and drizzle the oatmeal with cinnamon. Cinnamon works great for controlling blood sugar levels, as well.
    • Lunch: 1 boiled chicken leg, or chicken leg broiled in extra virgin olive oil and herbs, 1 bowl of greens and quinoa salad, and 1 cup of your fruit of choice.
    • Snacks: A protein rich The New You Diet bar, or yogurt (could be thicker than Greek Yogurt; it would be a great time to learn how to make yogurt at home, as fresh and preservative-free yogurt is always best), and a cup of fruits. We suggest strawberries! They go really well with thicker and sweeter yogurt blends. For more suggestions on how to top your yogurt, check out this Reader’s Digest article.
    • Dinner: Deep-sea fish such as Bluefin, Blackfin, or Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon, or even Blue Marlin, grilled in a bowl of greens, 1 to 2 cups of brown rice, and a cup of fruit. For the tastiest fish according to, hop on over to the link.
    • Portion Notes: These suggested meals are good for one person, but if you’re cooking for your family, just add the servings according to the number of people joining you in the meal.
    • Additional Notes: You may wonder why that seems to be a whole lot of food, but take note that the Mediterranean Diet isn’t about calorie-counting. Rather, it’s about taking in fresh, healthy food, and making the right choices about food. Print out the Mediterranean Diet Guide, post it on your fridge, and then be guided about how to plan your week’s meals with it. You could also try printing out this PDF download we created to keep things simple for you!


Download the PDF version of these guides HERE.

Integrating the Mediterranean Diet into the “maintenance” phase of your New You weight loss journey is going to be enjoyable. The Mediterranean Diet is one of the most sensible and healthy ways to eat, as we already discussed, and one of the great things about it is that you won’t feel deprived.

So stick to your New You Plan of choice, ditch the calorie counting, and thoroughly enjoy your journey to a new and definitely better you!


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