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How To Hit The Reset Button On Your New You Journey

How To Hit The Reset Button On Your New You Journey

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Having a bad day is just that – one bad day. The key is to use it to your advantage to get back on track stronger than ever, rather than spiralling out of control. Here’s how…

Do you remember as a child, being sent to your room? It was usually for some innocuous thing (answering back mostly) but the phrase ‘you can come downstairs when you are ready to start the day with a better attitude’ seems to resonate with the entire crew at New You HQ.

While we suspect your parents were mostly looking for a quick break from the moodiness and chaos of being at home with young kids, they actually introduced you to one of the most powerful techniques that will result in major success on your New You journey. The reset button.

The reset button is such a powerful yet simple approach to difficult days. Giving yourself permission to start your New You journey again is what will drive your weight loss success. We are realists at New You HQ. Yes, in a perfect world all of us would be consuming 4 packs of New You products, 4 litres of water daily and continue to repeat until we reached our goal weight. However, no journey is ever linear. There will be bumps in the road, diversions, pitstops and in some cases getting out of the vehicle and setting it on fire. And that’s ok. The key thing to success with your New You journey is being able to hit that reset button on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and simply start again.

Hitting the reset button isn’t about denying how you feel or avoiding reality. It is about creating a healthy environment of consistency not perfection.

Everyone has hard days on plan; days when even the tiniest of things can send us hurtling towards the fridge for a familiar fix and that is what you must accept before you can move on. The first step is to be kind to yourself. Realise that you are not perfect and recognise your flaws. Then work toward making your day better.

As far as strategies for restarting your day, at New You HQ we are big fans of using mindfulness. Perhaps lighting a candle, as a signal to yourself that you are ready for a fresh start. A full body scan is also an effective approach for checking in with yourself, to look for causes for the rough day you might have been unaware of or to practice acceptance of how you feel about the day. Start at your feet and work up. Tense and relax each muscle. Are you holding tension anywhere? Go for a meditative walk to reset your mind-body clock. Speak to other Secret Slimmers on our community page about what you are experiencing. Be human, be real.

It is important that we don’t dismiss a bad day as useless. Even the most awful of days can have a purpose in our own development, especially when we are able to identify the underlying problem driving our negativity.

A bad day can really be a useful tool. What made it bad? Why? How can you fix it? What did you learn or recognise about yourself? After you employ a ‘resetting trick,’ reflect. By recognising our weaknesses, we build strength. To start again.

Our amazing customers have shared they go-to methods for hitting the RESET button.

  • Take a walk, around the block or around the house
  • Make a fresh cup of coffee or a big glass of cold water
  • Practice a few minutes of mindfulness
  • Go outside for a few minutes and just be
  • Jump onto Secret Slimmers and vent!
  • Complete the sentence: I’ll feel better when…
  • List three things that are in your control to change right now.
  • Listen to an uplifting song.
  • Watch a funny video.
  • Look at pictures from your favourite holiday

What do you do to ‘reset’? Share your tips with us in Secret Slimmers today.

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