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How to get motivated to lose weight fast*

How to get motivated to lose weight fast*

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*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

If you are struggling with your size and you want to know how to get motivated to lose weight fast, and you are trying to be positive and “do this for yourself” but you keep failing, then maybe this being positive stuff needs turned on its head!

If something isn’t working for you, then you need to learn from that and change things up.

I have helped more than twenty thousand people to lose weight.  I have also had to lose weight a few times myself, I have learnt a lot from my own journey, and I am always looking for ways to help other people too.  So if you want to know how to get motivated to lose weight fast, then you are in the right place! I know not from a text book, but from having to do it.

Over the next 10 weeks I am going to be sharing my weight loss journey with you as I go from BMI 29 to BMI 23.  So stayed tuned to my blog, and even better, why not do this journey WITH ME? I have created a special section on our website for people that want to lose weight BEFORE the Christmas season comes.

You can follow my blogs, I will be posting 3-4 times a week on the blog, more if I can!  If you want to get our meal plans so that you can enjoy rapid weight loss with no hunger, check out the special COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS bundles that I created, massive discounts, amazing freebies, motivation videos, and we even have an option for personal coaching.

christmascountdown14At The New You Plan our ethos is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to live a happy, healthy life!  That is what we all want isn’t it! Good health, happiness, fulfilment, confidence and inner peace.

I love my work so much, seeing the transformation from people starting out on our plan feeling down about their weight and their size and then a 2-3 months later, they are slim, healthy, happy and the world is their oyster, their confidence is sky high and life is good!  What an amazing transformation!  I hope you will be experiencing this with me over the next 10 weeks.  It is going to be a blast!



One thing I have experienced myself, and I see a lot of people struggle with is getting back on the plan 100%, even though we are desperately unhappy with our weight, and we know that 1-2 months on the plan we will be feeling on top of the world, wearing all the clothes we want to wear and feeling proud as punch!  We also know that once we get into ketosis and get the first couple of weeks over us that we will be buzzing with energy, excitement, and that we will feel empowered and unstoppable!

But yet we can’t do it…

We want to…

We know it will be amazing…

We know how easy it is, we have done it before…

But something is stopping us…

We think back to what motivated us before, and try to get back to that place of commitment… but the determination we wake up with on Day 1… soon fades…



Being positive about your weight loss is DEFINITELY the best strategy you can have.

But what if being positive doesn’t work? What if the rewards of weight loss and good health and happiness, just don’t stir up the emotion to get you motivated to stay 100% everyday?

We have all heard of the carrot and the stick approach.


So what I encourage you to do, if you are struggling to get on plan and be 100% is to try the opposite approach to what you normally do!


If you are always being positive, then try switching it up, and using the STICK APPROACH…


For example:-


“I am going to do this for me!”, if you keep saying this and you are not making any progress, then try switching that up… and think of who would love to see you fail, and use that emotion to motivate you.  When Vicky Neil, a personal trainer and NHS nutritionist gave a nutrition workshop for New You Plan, she used that as an example for motivation.



“I want to look a million dollars at my friends wedding”, if visions of you looking slim and gorgeous in the wedding photos are not motivating you to get into ketosis and drop a dress size in the next 3 weeks, then try imagining you hiding from the camera and seeing photos of you on facebook that make you want to cringe and run away.  Maybe the thought of that will spur the emotion inside you to get started!



“I want to be healthy” if the thought of feeling healthy and vibrant isn’t motivating you to take action and lose weight, then think about the impact that obesity related illnesses could have on your life.  Imaging losing a foot to diabetes, or having a heart attack and leaving your family behind.  These are not nice thoughts, but what we are trying to do here is stir up emotion that will make you realise that you have to take action! If you haven’t watched JAMIE OLIVER’S DOCUMENTARY SUGAR RUSH, then watch it today.  It is frightening how much sugar we eat and think it is totally normal.  Diabetes is on the up, and foot amputations are a regular procedure on the NHS, with 7000 people losing a foot every year, that is 130 people a week, and about 20 people a day.

Here is a short 1 minute video clip from a man who has lost his foot due to diabetes.

What do you really want, that your weight is holding you back from experiencing?

Whatever that is, think of the opposite side of the scale, think WORSE CASE SCENARIO.  Imagine the worst consequence of you NOT TAKING ACTION and see if that stirs up the emotion inside you to give YOU and your WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE GOT!

I remember the first time I did total food replacement, I did it for 12 weeks straight, and any time I felt tempted to “blip” I imagined everything I wanted, and created a story in my head that by not being 100% on the plan I would never achieve what I wanted.  I never blipped.  In my head the consequence of breaking the plan was too big to allow me to be tempted, I had so much negative emotion attached to blipping, I made up a story in my head and I believed it.

The funny thing is that everything that I wanted has now came true.  I wanted to find my soul mate, have children, and grow a successful business.  I definitely think there is a positive correlation!

By staying 100% true on my conviction to be 100%, I got to my target weight, and then BOOM, everything I wanted to happen, happened.

Sometimes the consequence of breaking the plan seems insignificant.  “Ah well…. sure I might knock myself out of ketosis if I have this one healthy meal, but I will get back into it again….it will be OK”

But really every time we knock ourselves off track we are lowing our self esteem and we feel dis-empowered.  We start to make it acceptable to not follow our dreams, and that becomes a bad habit that holds us back more than we will ever know.  You need to be committed to change, and you need to have a sense of urgency.  You need to have a BIG REASON WHY you are going to do this and you need to have a lot of EMOTION ATTACHED TO YOUR REASON.

I read in Secret Slimmers the other day that one of our customers (who has lost over 3 stones in the last 3 months) was at an event with lots of yummy food…. she said she had to imagine ants and beetles crawling all over it to keep herself away!!  This is another example of using a negative stick! She used an emotion that would keep her on plan and striving towards her dreams and goals!


Another example that springs to mind, is that one of my mentors gave an example of having to do some work, and he really couldn’t get himself into the mindset to do his best work, so he imagined a man holding a gun and pointing it at his family, and the only way he could save his family was to do his best work.  He said he needed to get himself into that high emotion place to create something amazing.



So how can you apply the STICK to you today?

I urge you to find an emotion that stirs you to take action, even if it isn’t “positive”, don’t worry about that… just find something that makes you get a sense of conviction that you are going to get to your goal and nothing or noone is going to stop you….

Sometimes the carrot will work, that is good, use the carrot anytime it works for you, but if the carrot is not working, then use the stick!  Find that emotion that will drive you to get slim, healthy and happy.  Whatever it takes, whatever story you make up in your head that will help you to stay motivated everyday!


The carrot?

The stick?


A vision of beetles crawling over your favourite food, the face of your enemies, losing your foot to diabetes, or a “you have been tagged in a photo” notification on facebook and when you see the photo you actually want to cry.

Whatever it is that will give you the determination to be 100% today.  Find that emotion, create a vision, and anytime you feel yourself wobbling, stir up that strong emotion and tell yourself that NOW IS MY TIME!

I hope this message has resonated with you today, and that you can find that emotion inside you to create the momentum to get yourself into ketosis and into the zone.  It is a new day, and another chance to get it right.  We cannot change our situation overnight, but we can change our direction.  In 2-3 short months you can create so much change! Let’s make that happen! x

Everyone has a different journey, a different motivation, and what works for one, might not work for someone else, so it is up to each and everyone of us to find a way to stir that emotion up and give us the oomph to make our dreams come true and create our New You.

If you really want to make big changes between now and the end of this year, so that you can end 2015 feeling proud, healthy and happy then find your motivation TODAY!   Take responsibility for your weight problem, for what you eat, and for how you think.  Once you take responsibility for it, then you can turn it around.

JULZPHOTOYou have time on your side.  2-3 Months can make DRAMATIC changes on TFR!

You have ME on your side!

You have the new you plan team on your side.

We have the meals, mindset and motivation you need to help you to step up and achieve the life of your dreams in the next 10 weeks.

You also have the power to do this inside you, you just need to make the decision, and build in the small wins that will boost your confidence, so dig deep today and find the emotion that will spur you on to make 2015 a healthy happy year for you, it doesn’t matter what has happened between January 2015 and now…. What will really define your year is the last 3 months.

Lets make this happen, together! x


Please leave me a comment and let me know how you are getting on!  I love to hear from you, and it is great encouragement for me, and if you need help with anything, just let me know!

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