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February Love Theme: I love Me!

February Love Theme: I love Me!

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We are almost at the end of our February love theme challenge!

We have one extra day, because this year is a Leap Year! (and we have a 40% off code to celebrate this weekend LEAP2020).


I think the first thing we need to do is clarify that there is a difference between self love and narcissism.

After giving this some thought I think the difference is humility and inner confidence, compared with arrogance and seeking outside validation.

Someone who loves and respects themselves takes care of their body, mind and soul. They are self aware and they do not care too much what other people think of them; especially those people who they do not know or who do not care for them. They focus on personal growth by aiming to become a better than the person they were yesterday and not comparing themselves to other people. They also understand that growth or success is not linear and that there will be times when they need to know when to have self compassion and when to have self discipline.

To Create A New You You Need to Start Loving Yourself as You Are Now

You cannot wait to get to your goal weight, before you decide that you are worthy of self love.

If you do not love yourself now, it can feel overwhelming and confusing to know what to do to change that. The first step is simply to make the decision that you will start to love yourself, and to be open to the idea that you are worthy of loving yourself and being loved.

Loving yourself is a journey, and the more you wake up everyday with the aim of being kind to yourself, and taking care of yourself, the more easier it will become and the better you will feel about yourself.



“Take care of your body. It is the only place you get to live.” – Jim Rohn.

Do you feel you take enough care of your body? Our body and our health are the most important things we have.

Self love starts with taking care of the basics of what we need.

Do you get enough sleep? Do you drink plenty of water everyday? Do you get in 8000-10000 steps a day? Are you at your healthy weight or moving in the direction of it? Do you look after your appearance?

In 3 months on the new you plan you could lose 3 stone or 4 stone. That is will make a massive difference to anyone’s health and wellbeing. In that same space of time you can get the habits and basics in place. You can sort out your sleep, movement and hydration. You can remove your food and drink addictions to junk foods. The change you can make in 90 short days is incredible!


“If you don’t control your mind & thoughts, someone else will!” John Allston

What you think, you become. Guarding your thoughts and your mind is crucial for a healthy happy life. You cannot let negativity consume you, you cannot dwell on your problems in a defeatist way. You need to be able to look for the seed of opportunity in every problem, and train your mind to look for the solutions.

When people hurt, betray or disrespect you, don’t argue with reality. If they show you that they do not value you, move on, and let them go. Do not dwell on them or spend your time wishing that things were different. Move forward with your self worth intact and find people who will show you the respect you deserve.

Focus your mind on creating the life you want, look for the people, opportunities and solutions and that will help you move forward. Take a positive approach to life, and believe in yourself.

Wake up everyday and read your goals, make a daily plan, and get to work. Train your mind to stay focused on building momentum towards your dreams!


“A happy soul is the best shield in a cruel world.” Atticus

Creating a healthy happy soul, will be one of your best defences in the world. It will help you to create that inner peace, that no matter what happens, you know you are going to be ok.

You can start off with doing small daily rituals like writing out your gratitudes, filling in your magical me journal, meditating, visualising, dreaming, doing things you love, being with people who care for you and getting out in nature.

If you really want to create a healthy soul then you need to get good at asking yourself real questions. You can do this alone, with a journal, with a friend, or with a counsellor or therapist. You can find answers in books, you tube videos, nature and other people. But most of all you want to find the answers in your own soul.

Some questions you would want to explore include;

Why do you struggle with your weight? Why do you find it hard to make your health and well being your main priority?

How do you feel most of the time? Do you feel at peace? Are you grateful? Calm? Happy? Or are you sad, anxious and depressed? Why is that?

What is your dream life? What does your ideal day look like?

What’s stopping you from living your dream life?

Why are things the way they are? Why do you feel the way you do?

Why do things happen the way they happen?

What brings you joy and happiness in your life? Who makes you happy? Who do you feel you need to spend less time with and why?

Keep asking yourself questions, so that you can find the answers to how you want to live your life, inside your own soul.


Are you ready to start the journey of self love?

Are you ready to start taking care of your body?

Are you ready to take control of your mind?

Are you ready to ask your soul who you really want to be?

Get a pen and paper and write out a pledge to yourself, that from today, you will be taking action everyday to love yourself, body, mind and soul. Make a commitment for what you want to change in the next 90 days.


We have some special offers to support you with getting started on your new you journey with us.

If you want to create a new you and live a healthy, happy and inspired life I hope that you will come and join us here at the new you plan this March.

Love Julz xox

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