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February Love Theme: Read this if you have lost your CONFIDENCE.

February Love Theme: Read this if you have lost your CONFIDENCE.

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I have been listening to an audio book this week that is called CONFIDENCE. The author of the book is Katie Piper.

Katie is a very inspiring, beautiful and confident lady. I love following her on social media, and seeing behind the scenes of her life.

I really admire how she has built a great life for herself, after someone tried to destroy her with a rape and acid attack.

Many of us have had our confidence shook in different ways. Whether that is from an attack, an illness, a betrayal, grief, divorce or some other traumatic life event. When something happens that shakes our confidence, it can take time to get it back.

But get it back we must.

We only have one life, and we have to believe that we can grow through our pain to become a better version of ourselves.

Getting your confidence back can take time, sometimes we cannot rush our recovery. We have to go through a process of healing and recovery.

Looking after ourselves is the first stage of getting your confidence back.

Katie Piper’s advice on NURTURING yourself is;

“Look after yourself not because you are selfish but because it’s vital if you are to function well and do all of the other things you need and want to do. Most of us have responsibilities towards others – partners, children, elderly relatives, but if we wear ourselves out we’re no good to them. So get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, have some time alone, pace yourself and don’t forget to breathe deeply.”

Get Your Foundations In Place & Build Yourself Back Up

Getting the basics in place is the first step to getting your confidence back. Getting sleep and movement into your day is a good place to start.

Taking care of your mental health is an important part of getting your confidence back. Speaking to a therapist or counsellor to help you make sense of what happened that shook your confidence can help you to see the reality of the situation and create a plan to move forward in a healthy empowering way.

If you are comfort eating, then addressing that is a big step to getting some self control and confidence back into your life. It is so easy to slip into comfort eating when something traumatic happens, it might give some temporary relief but it is not good for our health and wellbeing in the long term.

Taking care of your self care and appearance is another great way to start to get your confidence back. Looking after your skin, hair, wearing make up, dressing up nice; the more effort we can put in to looking after ourselves, the better we feel, and the more our confidence grows.

Once you have the foundations in place for a healthy life that supports you, then it is easier for you to feel ready to focus on your diet and getting to your ideal healthy weight.

My Mum always says to be me; “Inch by Inch, life’s a cinch!”

Just focus on making today as best as you can.

Don’t compare your life to other people. Just focus on making your life a tiny bit better every day.

A year from now you will not know yourself.

A year ago I had anxiety and low confidence. I really struggled to do the most basic of things, but I have been taking baby steps for months now and I am feeling so much better.

I took this photo of myself at my local health club last night.

A year ago I had so much anxiety there is no way that I would have had the confidence to go there. It feels so good to be doing these things again and to feel my confidence growing.

I have committed to writing a blog post every single day in 2020 to help me get my confidence back with writing and putting myself out there again! I am proud that I have completed 2 months of daily blog posts! 🙂

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