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February Love Theme: Happiness

February Love Theme: Happiness

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This February we have a daily love theme. I will be taking part everyday by writing a blog themed on the daily word.

We are encouraging our 8500 customers in our amazing secret slimmers group to take part with our love challenge everyday this month.

The daily theme gives us all time to reflect on how to love ourselves more this February.

Today’s theme is HAPPINESS

Happiness might mean something different to different people. What is happiness?

Automatically the 3 words that come to my mind to sum up happiness for me are that I feel…





Feel Grateful to be Happy

Gratitude is the cornerstone to happiness. I think it would be impossible to be happy if you are not grateful.

Having a daily gratitude practice helps me a lot. Most days I will write out my gratitudes, either in my Magical Me Journal or in the notes on my phone. When I have my hardest and darkest days, my gratitude practice is important to me to keep me going.

I want my children to grow up with a grateful heart, because I believe it is so important for mental health and happiness.

Every night when I put my kids to bed we say our “Grateful Goodnights”.

This is 3 things we each loved about the day, 3 things we love about our life, and 3 things we are looking forward to.

I want my kids to have the habit of looking for the good in every day, especially the hard days. I added in the future part because I want them to always grow up knowing that they are creating their future, and that they should always have inspiring plans to work on.

When on your weight loss journey, I think feeling grateful is important. To feel grateful for your body and how amazing it is and everything that is does for you.

I often feel grateful to have such a simple plan that can help achieve a life changing transformation. It still amazes me what can be achieved by simply having 4 meal replacements a day. Something so simple, that can change lives, I am so grateful for that.

Feel Inspired to Be Happy

If you don’t feel inspired in your life, I think it would be hard to be happy. Inspiration can come from many things.

We all need things in our life that light up our soul and make us feel alive, and that we have some purpose.

Some people will feel inspired to raise their family the best they can. Others will find inspiration in a hobby; like gardening, sewing or painting. Then some will find it in their passion to excel in their work or business.

What Inspires Me? I feel inspired to be the best Mum I can be, and raise my children to believe in themselves and in their dreams. I feel inspired by my work, and by improving the new you plan to help more people. My own journey inspires me to. Even the downsides, because it is through my struggles that I have gained a deeper understanding of life, and that allows me to help more people. I really believe that I can use my experiences to help people, and that inspires me a lot.

Feel Supported to be Happy

No matter how grateful you are or how inspired you are, if your circle does not want to see you win, I think it is hard to be truly happy.

There is something heart wrenching about realising the people that “should” want to see you win, don’t.

Your friends, your family, your partner. It can be surprising who doesn’t want to see you win. We all want the people who are closest to us to be cheering us on and wanting the best for us. But unfortunately this does not happen for everyone.

When faced with this situation you have big decisions to make, and if your happiness and dreams are important to you then you will have to reduce the time you spend with the people who do not want to see you win and find a new circle of people who do want to see you win.

One of the best things you can do for your happiness is to let go of your expectations of how other people should be and how they should support you.

It is liberating when you finally see situations and people for what they are.

Set yourself free and accept that people are not supporting you, move on and find people who will.

Most of all remember to SUPPORT YOURSELF.

You can’t be happy if you are not supporting yourself, here are 4 simple ways to support yourself to be happy.

  • Keep your word to yourself. If you say you are doing to do something, do it. Build trust with yourself.
  • Talk to yourself like you would your best friend. If you make a mistake or have a hard day, forgive yourself and focus on the next best thing you can do to get back on track.
  • Treat your body kindly. Sleep, Hydrate & Move. Get sunlight and get into nature. Appreciate your body, and eat foods that will improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Believe in yourself and in your potential. You have to believe in yourself and in your dreams. If you can dream it, you can do it. The only way you can fail is if you give up completely, and you are not going to do that!

Find Support On Your Weight Loss Journey In Our Secret Slimmers Community

This is why I love our secret slimmers community on Facebook, with over 8000 people who are all on the same mission. Being with people who will cheer you on and support you on your weight loss journey is CRUCIAL to your success and happiness.

You want people to cheer you on when you lose 1 stone a month, and not be negative or condescending. When your jeans fall down because they are too loose you want people to laughing and celebrating with you! And on those days when you feel like giving up, you need people to encourage you and lift you up and help you to believe in yourself and in the process again.

Create Your Own Happiness

My Top Tips To Create Happiness in Your Life Are;

1.) Start a daily gratitude practice and if you have kids, make this part of your family life. Become a grateful family who counts your blessings daily.

2.) Do things that make you feel inspired. Have a vision for your life and who you want to be, and wake up everyday and feel that burning desire to work towards something that makes you feel happy.

3.) Surround yourself with people who want to see you win. If you notice that people are not supporting you then start to spend less time with them, have boundaries with people that impact your life negatively. Protect yourself from people who want to sabotage your dreams. Find your tribe of people who will cheer you on and want to see you succeed.



PS. I would love to know what HAPPINESS means to you. Come and join our community this month and take part in the daily love theme everyday in February.

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