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February Love Theme: Compromise

February Love Theme: Compromise

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Every day this month we are focusing on a word and relating it to how we should love ourselves and our body.

Today the word is COMPROMISE.

In this blog post we are going to focus on what you should not compromise on if you want to live a healthy, inspired and fulfilled life!

What is a compromise?

One thing that strikes me reading the definition of compromise is that it should be “mutual” – both sides should be making concessions to come to an agreement to make things work.

Compromise should be an EQUAL endeavour that both parties are working towards.

It is so easy to slip into being the one who always makes the concession;

  • for an easy life,
  • to be the “better person”
  • or because someone else doesn’t know better,
  • or to keep the peace,
  • or worst of all – because its all you think you are worth. 🙁

If you are always the one that is making the compromises – then you are not making a compromise, you are just giving away concessions, and losing yourself – for nothing in return.

If you keep doing this, you will feel empty inside and your self-esteem will be ruined.

The good news is that you can change this. You can start to build up your self-worth and self-esteem by taking small steps every day to get clear on what you want and need to to be healthy and happy, and building a life that gives you that.

5 Things You Should Never Compromise On:

  1. Your Worth
  2. Your Health
  3. Your Boundaries
  4. Your Relationship
  5. Your Goal


You are worthy of love and respect. The first step is to believe this, and start to realise your own worth and act and speak to yourself in ways that affirm that you are worthy. When people disrespect you, then you need to speak up and let them know that you will not tolerate it, even if that means losing that person. There is no benefit of having people in your life who consistently disrespect you. Know your worth, and do not accept less that you deserve.


Your health and wellbeing must be a priority in your life. Anything or anyone that makes you consistently sacrifice your physical or emotional health is not worth it. Your health is your wealth. Nothing or no one is worth losing your health over. Do not compromise and lose your health. Look after yourself, and love taking actions that make you feel healthy and revitalised. Fall in love with looking after your health and wellbeing.


The first step is to get clear and know what your boundaries are. Then you need to be able to communicate them in a calm way without feeling guilty. You cannot uphold a boundary and feel responsible for how the other person feels at the same time. When you are clear on why you have boundaries to protect yourself from feeling drained or disrespected then it is easier for you to uphold your boundaries.


Your relationship should be making your life better. Your partner should be encouraging you, supporting you and working alongside you to build a life together. If your relationship is bringing you down emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually, then it is not a healthy relationship. If both parties do not want to work together to make things better, you cannot do it alone.


Your goals are your dreams. Your dreams are what give your life meaning, and bring you satisfaction and joy. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams from you. Your dreams are important to YOU, they are part of you, and part of your life story. If you sacrifice your dreams, you sacrifice a big part of your life. The people around you should be cheering you on and supporting you in your dreams. You should be the biggest supporter of your dreams, don’t let your own fears or doubts steal your dreams from you. Believe in yourself and go and make your goals and dreams come true!


Compromises are part of life. They show that you are an emotionally mature person. Just make sure that when you are making compromises, that it is mutual and both parties are making concessions to come to an agreement that works for everyone.

If you notice that you are sacrificing your health and happiness on a consistent basis, then you need to take time out to re-evaluate your circumstances and step away from the people or situations that are making you lose yourself.

Your happiness, health and wellbeing must be a priority in your life. If you do not make them a priority for you, no one else will. You tell people how to treat you by what you tolerate. Be firm with your boundaries and know your worth.

Surround yourself with good people who care for you, and let go of the people who drain you, don’t care for you, and disrespect you. If you feel alone and overwhelmed with how to take action, then finding a good counsellor or therapist can help you navigate the decisions you need to make to look after your health and wellbeing.

Fall in love with your health and your dreams. Get to work everyday on becoming healthier and happier, by looking after yourself and working on your plans that bring you one step closer to your dreams.

This is your life! You get to decide what you compromise on and what your boundaries are. No one else decides this. JUST YOU.

It isn’t always easy, but if you don’t do the hard work of looking after yourself and your wellbeing, the alternative is feeling empty, unloved and ill. You do not want this for yourself, I do not want that for you.

You can do this xox


Julz xox

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