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February Love Theme: My Wish

February Love Theme: My Wish

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My Wish…

I am not to sure I agree with the word wishes.

It is kinda wishy washy.

I prefer the words that have more power – like DREAMS & GOALS.

When I wish for something, I feel that it is outside of my control.

When I set a goals for something, I feel empowered to go and make it happen.

Turn your wishes into goals.

Don’t wish to be a your slim healthy target weight – make a goal to get there and stick to plan until you achieve it.

Don’t wish you looked better – create a make over plan and get to work on making the best of yourself.

Don’t wish you could be a healthy role model for your kids – make it a goal to change your family routines and lifestyle bit by sit starting from this week.

Don’t wish you could find love again – make it your goal to heal and get yourself to a good place, educate yourself on how to date, and put yourself out there and meet more people again.

Don’t wish you could start your own business – make a business plan, set some goals and get to work on creating something amazing.

Don’t wish your finances were not a mess – create a spreadsheet and list out all your expenses and make a plan to get out of debt and start saving.

You CAN achieve anything your set your mind to. Turn your wishes into plans, and get to work, stay consistent and it will happen for you.

Much Love,

Julz x

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