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Download Your Summer 2020 Lockdown Transformation Planner

Download Your Summer 2020 Lockdown Transformation Planner

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Need some motivation to smash your weight loss goals this summer?! Dreaming of emerging from lockdown looking and feeling amazing? Get inspired by downloading our Summer 2020 Lockdown Transformation Planner to put your goals into action.

Woohoo! 🙂 Your Summer 2020 Transformation Planner is ready for you to download, print off and fill in!

This planner has been designed for anyone who wants to create a WOW TRANSFORMATION this summer.

Thankfully lockdown measures are gradually loosening, which make us feel safer and more optimistic about the future. 

Hopefully be the end of 2020 life will be even more normal. I want to help as many people as I can to look and feel their best this year…. 

Let’s make the most of the social distancing measures this summer, and make them work for your transformation. There has never been a better summer in history to do total food replacement, than the summer of 2020! 

Your brand new Transformation Planner is ready for you to download….


  • I AM IN poster for the £8000 Summer transformation challenge!
  • Worksheets & wall charts to help you get focused and track your progress this summer.
  • Tips to help you get and stay motivated on your life changing summer transformation.
  • Tips on how to make some tasty summer recipes with new you meal packs.

Remember, nothing life changing happens inside your comfort zone.

If you want to create a WOW TRANSFORMATION, you have to embrace and welcome the challenges that will inevitably come your way!

Every challenge is like the universe asking you – how much do you really want this?

Face every challenge that comes your way with inner calmness, empowerment and satisfaction.

Know that every day you are getting stronger and becoming the person that you want to be. Healthy, disciplined and empowered. 

Let’s make this happen!


PS. Your I AM IN poster is in the transformation planner, make sure you take your before photo as soon as you can! So that you have a chance of winning one of the £8000 prize pool categories!

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