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Down 3.5 pounds on the new you plan this week! *

Down 3.5 pounds on the new you plan this week! *

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*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

Monday is my official weigh in day.

I like it being Monday for a number of reasons, one of them being that it is the most popular weigh in day of the week, so The New You Plan Secret Slimmers is always buzzing on a Monday morning with everyone excited and sharing their amazing weight loss results, and the other reason is that it is the start of a week, and that fresh feeling of I AM GOING TO KICK ASS this week.

But even though Monday is my official weigh in day, I do SOMETIMES have a sneaky weigh in.

On Sunday I had a sneaky weigh in….

new you diet plan weight lossI was delighted to see that I was ALMOST into the 11 stone bracket.  I was so hopeful that I would be able to lose that last little bit so I could make it into the 11s for my Monday weigh in.

Stood on the scales this morning, and still the same!

So I should be in the 11s for next week for sure, but I am sure I will be weighing every morning as I am dying to see 11 stone something.  It has been a long time afterall!   I have been following the new you plan total food replacement diet from January (with a 2 week break in March).  I was 16stone 10 in November and did a the new you plan TFR diet for a few weeks, and when I started in January I was 15stone 10.  So the 11 stone bracket has always seemed a long way off to me, and now it is almost so close I can taste it! ha ha!

I will share with you the day I get into the 11s!! So watch this space!! I hope you will be reading that post in a day or two!

Losing weight is one of the biggest rollercoaster rides EVER.

It has many highs and many lows, and sometimes even when you are slimmer than you have been in months (or years)  you can feel fatter than ever before.

When you are losing weight I think you become so much more aware of your body and how much weight you are carrying.  When you are not dieting, you kinda block this stuff from your head, and don’t pay as much attention to your body as you know if you do, you will not be happy!

On Friday night I felt great, I am wearing the size 14 tops I got from Marks & Spencers at Easter time a couple of weeks ago.  They were too tight for me to wear but they fit me fine now. So I felt great to wearing them.  The size 12 and 10 is getting closer now! Happy Days.

Today in Secret Slimmers one of our ladies came up with the idea to draw up a calendar for the next 42 days she wants to do The New You Plan TFR for.  So I thought this was a great idea, and decided to do the same, to plan out my weeks until my holiday in June.  I then made a general template for everyone – you can get your free template on our blog just click here to get it.

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