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Dear Me, You Did Your Best in 2019

Dear Me, You Did Your Best in 2019

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This is the time of year that my living room floor is covered in toys, the fire is on, the pug is snoring and the feel good movies are on the TV.

It is a funny time of year, that time between Christmas and New Year.

I have been reflecting on 2019.

I know that many of you will also be doing the same thing. Looking back on the year that has been.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what you didn’t achieve.

The goals you set that didn’t happen.

The dreams you had that you didn’t have the courage to start.

That crazy curveball that life threw you that derailed all your plans.

Focusing on what we didn’t achieve can bring with it a negative energy.

I want us all to start 2020, this new year and new decade with a new energy.

Focus on what you overcome in 2019, not what you left undone.

Plan to enter 2020 with an energy of self love, positive anticipation and commitment to showing up and doing our best.

What challenges did you get through in 2019? Be proud of those.

What did you learn about yourself in 2019? Take the positive from these.

If you spent 2019 mostly in survival mode, forgive yourself for what you did to get through that time. Life can be terribly hard sometimes, if 2019 was your winter season, be proud of yourself for coming out the other side.

In every negative, there is a positive, this is the law of polarity.

When hard times happen it can be difficult to see the positive side of a what we perceive as a negative situation, but it is there. Look for it.

One thing that I learned in 2019 is that self love is always the answer.

We can’t create a life changing transformation based on self loathing, real change will always come from self love.

Self love means putting ourselves first, because we know we deserve to be a priority in our own lives.

Self love also means forgiving ourselves, and encouraging ourselves to do the next best thing to move our life forward.

Start 2020 with self love being at the centre of everything you do. Don’t beat yourself up for what you didn’t do, or should’ve done in 2019, you did your best, and that is enough.

Be kind with yourself, speak to yourself like you would your best friend.

Life is an incredible journey, and every day we get a new chance.

The great thing about 1st January 2020, is that we get a new chance, at a new year and a new decade all at once! This really is a time for new beginnings and for you to create your new you.

The time between Christmas and New Year is a great time to reflect on the year that has been in 2019 and to plan ahead for 2020. The best way to plan is to get a pen and paper and write out your goals.

In our 2020 New Year, New You, New Decade bundles we are giving away a free 2020 goal wall chart calendar and pen to help you get focused on creating the best version of you in 2020. All these bundles have an early bird limited time offer to get 20% extra free new you meals in 2019!

I urge you to write a kind letter to yourself today. Write a letter to yourself that acknowledges what you did achieve this year. Detail out how you grew as a person and how resilient and strong you are. End your letter with an encouraging message to yourself to step into 2020 with an energy of self love and determination to make your dreams come true.


Julz xox

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