Day 11 New You Plan Weight Loss Challenge

Day 11 New You Plan Weight Loss Challenge

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Legs 11 – Day 11 🙂 of the new you plan weight loss challenge! Woohooo! xx


Woohoo I hope your legs are getting plenty of exercise after yesterday’s video.  The topic was IT IS TIME TO GET ACTIVE, and we looked at how you can start building some exercise into your life to help you get fitter, healthier, and also to speed up the weight loss process and help you to maintain when you get to goal.

One of our lovely Secret Slimmers is heading off to Marbella for a Bootcamp, I went to my first Pilates Class last night, Margaret is dusting down her wii fit, and everyone is starting to take action to get active, get moving and get fit!

Today our message is all about HABITS.  Forming healthy habits is the foundation to your LONG TERM SUCCESS.  Exercise is ONLY ONE HABIT that you need to form, but there are so many other habits that can greatly impact your weight.

“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, they are easy to get into, but hard to get out of.”

If you have bad habits at the moment it might feel like you are too comfy, and that you can’t be bothered to take action to get out of this comfy place, but bad habits will not serve you well when you get to your healthy target weight, if you REALLY want this to be YOUR LAST DIET, you are going to have to DO MORE, BE MORE AND MOVE MORE.

Healthy habits impact every area of your life from the moment you wake up to the moment you to bed.  What can you do to improve all the habits in your life?

Earlier in 2012 we asked our customers how influential they thought habits where on their weight.  85.2% of people who took the survey said that their habits where VERY INFLUENTIAL.

So if you want to STAY SLIM then you have to WORK ON YOUR HEALTHY HABITS.  There is no point waiting until you get to your goal until you do this.  YOU NEED TO START NOW.  You are not going to wake up one morning and then just start living differently.  You need to change one or two things at a time, focus on building a couple of habits at a time, and this will help you to build in REAL LONG LASTING CHANGE.

Today’s video will help you to identify the areas of your life that you need to work on to improve your habits.  From exercise, to grocery shopping, to boredom, depression, stress, social life, sleeping, organisation and money etc.

After you watch the video, you can also DOWNLOAD our free ebook and fill it in, so that you can work out what HEALTHY HABITS you need to work on first to give yourself a healthy positive foundation to MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT AFTER TFR.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EBOOK  New You Plan Healthy Habits for Weight Loss


*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.


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8 thoughts on “Day 11 New You Plan Weight Loss Challenge

    • Author gravatar

      Hi all, that video is spot on Julz… On day 3 and 5 I found myself going thru my larder and fridge, even my car and sock draw lookin for nibbles. Actually, i went back several times looking for something Even Tho’ i knew there was nothing there. Thing is, I knew I wasn’t hungry, ’twas my BAD habit kicking in. Fortunately, I had really commited myself to this challenge, and the ‘cupboard was bare’. Since I started it, I don’t buy Nibbles now. Another thing is when I got over the disappointment of having no nibbles, I heard myself say ‘sure I’m not even hungry…I just WANT to nibble! Shock and horror as i realized how easy it is to sabotage my efforts and how this habit has a grip on me. SO I just did something else and got over it. That felt great, and so I gave myself a good talking to…and guess what? I havnt been there since. Not even this week On nights and I am so pleased. The New You/Me Plan just ROCKS! :-))

      • Author gravatar

        Yay!!That is FANTASTIC Lorraine, it is so true that we all have bad habits that are sabotaging our success and stopping us from being who we really want to be. Glad to hear that you are doing so well and ROCKING the new you!! woohoo xx

        Have an amazing weekend 🙂

        Julz x

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Julie-Ann,
      Another great video, thank you, it really inspired me to start working on my habits. Your videos really keep me going and motivated. For the next month I am planning to work on the following:
      1. How not to eat out of boredom
      2. How not to eat emotionally
      3. How to make healthy food choices when shopping or being out
      These are my biggest concerns when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, I really struggle with emotional eating and do so a lot when I am bored or lonely, so will work on these. Hope you are having a great week. Have a lovely weekend. xx 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      I go to lidl every morning it used to be for milk for the office and treats. but now i go in for 2 bottles of water and the milk for the others… as you enter lidl you get this waft of fresh breads and bold things… so now as i get closer to lidl each morning i say and i know its sounds stupid…

      do not buy food do not buy food. just because i am so used to picking things up when i go shopping and last week i actually did buy cheese as it was on special…. and got back to the apartment and was like what the hell did you buy that for! all i went in for was herbal tea…

      so its a helpful hint to myself. DO NOT BUY FOOD!

      i am also starting to go to bed early, just so i am waking up more refreshed. so by 10pm i am in bed every night it also cuts out the late night wanting food…

      my mornings now start with a pint of cranberry flavour water and shower and off to work (after getting dressed of course!) then about 9.30 i have a shake, the water in the mornings is a great start to getting 2-3 lts in a day.

      Every little step counts!

      Thanks Julz… love the video.


    • Author gravatar

      Thank you Julz for this video, it is brilliant so glad I watched it today, need a good kick so thanks for that…. 🙂
      The videos everyday are great and just want to say that I really appreciate all the time, effort and hard work your putting into them. The support and encouragement you give each and every one of us is really really appreciated. THANK YOU XXX

    • Author gravatar

      Julz, this is a great video, thank you 🙂 It’s really made me rethink a few things that made me put on the weight in the first place… I’m a night-time nibbler, so I’m going to gradually start taking my last shake back to earlier, like 7pm, that would be huge for me. The other thing I’m going to do is keep up drinking the small lake of water I’m drinking now, when I’m at my goal. I’m not going to let that slip, because I think it’s really helping me. I also want to incorporate more exercise time into my daily routine and will be looking into joining a gym pretty soon 🙂 I’m also going to try and find a way to deal with the times I’m stressed or emotional, so that I don’t rely on food to make me feel better. Overall I’m feeling so good on this plan and I know I’m already making changes that I’ll be able to keep up 🙂 Thanks again Julz for all your support xoxo

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Julz and all! Loved your video today, it really hit home with me. My bad habits wow, Eat when I am happy, Eat when I am sad, Eat when I am tired, Eat when I am relaxing, Eat for no reason at all. That’s me EMOTIONAL EATER.
      I am going to try 2 new habits this week (1) Not to eat for EMOTIONAL REASONS (2) Going to a GYM ON Monday, that’s a big one for me never been to a GYM before. I will weigh in on Tuesday Julz if that’s all right as that was the start of my week.
      Thanks again for all your motivation, much appreciated.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Julz

      Just checking in with you I’ve lost 2lbs this week things seem to be slowing down this week so hoping to introduce some excercise.

      Keep the inspirational videos coming I love them.


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