Day 05: Damian’s New You Weight Loss Diary*

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Day-5 Glad to be in Ketosis

by The New You Plan on Thursday, 27 October 2011 at 22:03
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Evening all,

Just home from a really long day. I woke up this morning and new I was in Ketosis, I wasn’t hungry and felt satisfied, so I kind of just knew. As it transpired, I was lucky that it came when it did.

I had so much to do this morning, because I had to attend a function this evening. Had to pick up my suit from the Dry Cleaners, get a new shirt (which killed me, as it is going to be miles too big for me in a few weeks) I had to pick up flowers, and organise a load of bitty things around my regular day of organised chaos!

I had a vanilla “shake” this morning, I didn’t use a lot of water, so it was a bit like custard. Tasty, but definitely not my favourite! I bought a stick blender too, and it is small enough to fit in my bag , so I bring it with me now 😀 Hope no one ever opens my bag and sees it! It would be the diet equivalent to the “apple falling out of the briefcase” cliche, or maybe the diet version ..

When I put my suit on I noticed that the trousers were a bit looser than normal – any other day I would of been delighted, today it just frustrated me a bit.. I know , I know!!!

When I got to the function, I hadn’t prepared myself for the forceful nature of a woman with a tray of sambos! I swear to God, she was disgusted I didn’t try her Egg, Onion and Tomato.. Noticing that I was literally “not biting” when it came to the grub… The “sure you will have a drink, do you like wine?” came out… Now here is the thing, I LOVE WINE!! I buy lots of wine from all over the world, I go to tastings, if you want to know what wine goes with what cheese, I know! The lady had bottle’s of wine doing the rounds, that I knew from a glance, was a fantastic bottle.. I was gutted :/ But I persevered with my abstinence, and had a black coffee.. then another, then another.. The third coffee arrived with a bikki on the side of the saucer, this woman was adament! But I slipped it to my friend who was aware of the operation that was unfolding.. Things settled down after a bit, but some friends were twitching about why I wasn’t having a drink, or why I wasn’t going to the bar afterwards. But I knew what was best, and I bailed when it was acceptable to do so.

I packed a bar in the glovebox for the drive home, but I didn’t need it.. I held out until I got home and had a chocolate mousse. It’s 10pm now, I am sipping water & tea, and will have a chocolate bar before I head to bed.. Am tired from such a long day, glad today is over!

To sum up today, I haven’t been hungry at all, kept drinking the water, and just stayed strong when tested 🙂 I am really glad that I did, made me feel a lot stronger

Chat soon

Damo xox

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