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Day 03: 2012 let’s be having you!

Day 03: 2012 let’s be having you!

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Well today is 1st January and 2012 is finally here!

Today has been a lazy day in our house, I have just been lounging about and watching TV and looking after baby Isabella.

I am feeling really glad that I didn’t wait until today to start, today I feel fine, and last night I treated myself to an extra New You Diet Meal Replacement bar – Luxurious Chocolate Truffa bar is SO GOOD!  Infact I think Im going to have a cup of coffee and a bar after I finish writing this post! 🙂

I was reading on a mother and baby forum a post where everyone was sharing their goals for 2012.  So many people want to lose weight, improve their finances, move house, etc.  It really is amazing how most people all want the same things.  A healthy slim body, no money worries and a nice home.

I feel very excited for what 2012 has in store, and I determined to stay focused on improving my health, getting slim, building my fitness, starting yoga and pilates, and generally just getting back to my old self, but with some extra healthy habits developed to make maintaining easier.

Things are really starting to hot up in the New You Diet Secret Slimmers group in facebook, if you want to join in please feel free, simply click here to find out how to get your invite.

Hope you are all feeling positive about the New Year and what it has instore for you! 🙂


Julz xx


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