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Day 02 – Staying Focused on MY WHY on my iPad…

Day 02 – Staying Focused on MY WHY on my iPad…

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Well I would love to let you know that the first 24 hours have been a breeze, but last night I found it really tough!  I went to bed early, although I didn’t sleep, darn iPad is too addictive lol!

This morning I wrote out a plan to help me keep focused on MY WHY’S ~ I spent most of 2011 in the house (due to my pregnancy and SPD) so I am really looking forward to getting out and about in 2012 and feeling slim and healthy.

It is my Mums 60th Birthday in May this year, and they are planning a big family portrait and I definitely don’t want to be feeling bad that day, I really want to look good.  Also I want to get a photoshoot with Isabella, as I have hid from the camera and it makes me sad that I don’t have any pictures with me and my baby girl, so I plan to make yo for that and have a nice family photoshoot in June 2012 to celebrate her first birthday!

We are also planning a New You Photoshoot in June 2012 – for a small group of new you dieters to get a professional make over and photoshoot to celebrate her weight loss!  More details of this are going to be released soon so if you are wanting to add a BIG WHY this is perfect opportunity!

We are also planning our first family holiday for June/July 2012 so I want to be looking well for that.

All these BIG EVENTS – seem to be so far away right now…. so today I decided to start planning some smaller events that will help me to keep me motivated in the shorter term.  When I get them decided on I will share them with you! 🙂  I have been making notes on my iPad to plan out my treats, events and rewards to keep me motivated! 🙂

Some of my new years resolutions include not watching TV during the week (I am going save all my programs up for a weekend fest though!) and doing some exercise everyday to build up the strength in my pelvic area from SPD.

So we are heading out for a wee walk now and then coming home to spend the night in front of the telly and watch the fireworks on the TV as the clock strikes 12!

Tomorrow is 2012, and a new year begins!  I always set goals every new year, and love the feeling of steeping into a new year full of wonderful opportunities and exciting prospects.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy 2012… and may all your dreams come true! 🙂

Much Love,

Julz xx

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