Day 02: Damian’s New You Weight Loss Diary*

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Day 2- A Great Day !!

by The New You Plan on Monday, 24 October 2011 at 23:20
*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.
I am very conscious of food today. Every ad seems on TV or radio seems to be for food. Is “Come Dine with Me” ever not on TV? I have decided that each time an ad break comes on during a programme I am watching, I go get some water or tea.10am- I had porridge for breakfast this morning and it was surprisingly good and quite sweet.

It was a horrible morning, dull and wet, so having something hot was important. Each time an ad came on or I was reminded of food, I smiled. I think this was because in my mind I was laughing at the ads trying to “tempt” … I was smiling because I knew they wouldn’t work. I was smiling, because I felt stronger than the ad.What I am trying to do, is push myself to wait a bit longer. If I think I am hungry – which I think is in fact bordom, I have a glass of water and try to put off having a pouch ” for another little bit”I rang my mate Kev for some egging on and tell him about starting the New You Plan, and he was a great support. I told him about my initial weigh-in and how I was shocked about being 19 stone 2. He reminded me about something that I had completely forgotten- 6 months ago I gave up cigarettes. I couldn’t see how or why I had put on so much more weight since the last time I weighed myself. Perhaps that explains some of my jump from 17stone to 19.I think it was important for me to let people around me know as it will make it easier in social situations. etc Kev even said to me that he was going off drink for a while too and we can do things socially that don’t revolve around dining out or the pub!I had the Cottage Pie for dinner, around 5.30pm. It was another pleasant surprise. I was afraid that the hot meals were going to be horrible so ordered mainly shakes! Now I regret not ordering more hot meals. The cottage pie wasn’t horrible at all!8.30pm- Decided to have a coffee and one of the Chocolate Truffle Bars They are so tasty. They taste better than most chocolate bars! Honest!!! I am having some water with them too.Trying to keep drink water, but I must admit, that is a bit tough.CheersDamian

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