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[Customer Interview] Grace lost 57lbs* with The New You Plan!

[Customer Interview] Grace lost 57lbs* with The New You Plan!

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Written By Tasha Hynes






Name: Grace Davis

Age: 25

From: Ireland Dublin

Start weight: 15st 12lb

Current weight: 11st 11lb

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.


We’ve been chatting to the lovely Grace about her weight-loss journey with The New You Plan. She’s such an inspiration, and shares her incredible story with us this week on our blog. Keep reading to find out more about her journey and how she’s achieved her amazing results!



So Grace just tell us, when did you start the plan & how much weight have you lost?

I’ve been on the plan since June 2015 and have been on and off it been 100% each interval and have lost 4stone 1 lbs* in total.


What led to you making the decision to take control & start the plan?

I had enough of going up and down with various different diets and I just had enough plus after having a baby the thought of meal planning, calorie counting and exercising was just not suitable so I came onto the plan, after a relative told me about it..and was doing Fab!!


How did being overweight make you feel?

Frankly miserable!!




How did you feel when you started the plan? How was the first week?

I felt apprehensive at the start but as soon as i got past the first 3/4 days and i was in ketosis I was flying…


When did you start to see results?

I started the notice the results after the 1st week, the reason for this is because I lost a massive 11lb*, I was in shock i didn’t think it was possible to lose so much in the first week.


What was your first fist pump moment? How did it make you feel?

My first fist pump moment was when I got into an old jacket that I love ….. and it FASTENED UP!! This give me the little bit of motivationi needed, I felt awesome and determined to keep going.


What’s the nicest compliment you’ve received since reaching your target?

Nicest compliment I got was “you did it Grace you did it” and everyone says I look great and it’s lovely to hear.




Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my dad, he was the person that had the courage to tell me to start taking care of my body and health and to enjoy life, these are the words tha pushed me to do something about my weight. This was what i found The New You Plan.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself before your weight loss?

  1. Lazy – I was lazy, all because my weight was holding me back.
  2. No motivation – I could not find the motivation to do anything at all
  3. Shy – I wasn’t comfortable in my skin, I hide away and hid behind baggy clothes.


And what 3 words would you use now?

  1. Confident – I am able to walk into shops, walk down the street, were tighter clothes i just feel like a new woman.
  2. Active – I am finding that I am more active on my feet, I like to be on the move and I love that I am lighter!!
  3. Happy – I just keep smiling from ear to ear everything is so much easier to do when I have more confidence in myself.


What 3 New You Plan Meals or Snacks can you not live without?

  1. Spicy noodle nosh – my fav
  2. Salt and vinegar crisps – Such a nice little treat and they are GOOD FOR YOU!!
  3. Strawberry cereal bar – This is just a little bit of heaven



What are you top 3 tips for staying on track?

  1. Sip sip sip drink the water – the more you drink the more you shrink 😉
  2. Mark off each day on your calendar so you know how many 100% days your have had
  3. See yourself at goal – how do you want to picture yourself when you are at your ideal weight?

What weight loss mantra do you live by?

‘3 months from now you will thank yourself for starting now’


What do you love most about the Secret Slimmers community?

The support is AMAZING, there are so many people on the page that are there all the time and they do their very best to help, it is so much easier talking to people who are all sharing the same weight loss journey, we all have the same goal and that is to lose weight. The other success stories and the laugh you can have on it, plus the way someone is always there to help you no matter what .. X


What advice would you give anyone considering starting the plan?

Go for it and you will be so happy you did!!




If you would be interested in sharing your success story via a customer interview to help others with their weight loss journey all you have to do is contact me today and I can arrange an interview with you click here to contact me HERE


Tasha xx


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