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Confident And Cardigan Free, Lorraine Dropped 3½ Stone In Just 11 weeks!

Confident And Cardigan Free, Lorraine Dropped 3½ Stone In Just 11 weeks!

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No longer feeling herself, Lorraine searched the internet for a very low-calorie diet and found New You.

She hit the ground running with the Plan and in under 3 months Lorraine dropped 3½ stone and she’s not finished yet.

Lorraine gives us the low down on her transformation journey, below. 


NY: How much have you lost with the New You Plan?

LORRAINE: I’ve dropped 3½ stone and it took me 11 weeks.


NY: Wow, that’s a fantastic result! How did you discover New You?

LORRAINE: Years and years ago I did another very low-calorie diet and knew they worked. So I just did a Google and New You came up in the search results.


NY: How did you feel before you started the New You Plan? 

LORRAINE: Fat! No energy, uncomfortable with what I was wearing. I didn’t want to go out and was unhappy with my overall appearance.  Every day was a cardigan day, covering up bits that you don’t want people to see.


NY: What was your first impression of the New You Plan?

LORRAINE: Before I started it but after I ordered my first pack, I joined the Secret Slimmers. You see I’ve had my gall bladder out and I wanted to hear from others who are on the Plan and had no gall bladder and how they go on.

Once I started the Plan I found it really easy. I think it was because I had the right mindset at the start. 


NY: What was your first week like on the plan? 

LORRAINE: It was great. I think I lost 8 or 9lbs in the first week.  



A Sweet Tooth

NY: What are your favourite meals and snacks and do you follow a routine?

LORRAINE: If I’m on nights I start my day from the moment I wake up so I don’t just cram meals in just because it’s the evening if you see what I mean.

I love all the bars, the tomato soup and the chocolate and latte shakes too; they’re my favourite. I don’t really have the savoury meals but enjoy the crisps. When I feel I want to be naughty I have a bag of chocolate balls – they are lovely! I’m a chocoholic and I don’t feel like I’m being deprived when having the bars and snacks. 


NY: What is your biggest non-scale victory?

LORRAINE: Feeling like myself again and I’ve got more energy. Another thing is that my friend has a Mercedes and every time I got in her car I used to say that these cars were not meant for fat women. They felt so small and uncomfortable. Last week I went out with her and got in the car and I actually had room! It’s quite a comfortable ride now!


NY: What would you say has been your biggest motivator to stay on Plan?

LORRAINE: I didn’t want to be the cardigan girl anymore. But most importantly, the fact that I have a pre-cancerous condition called Vin 3. It means I have to have surgery on the outside of my body to remove the cancer on the lower part of my body. These surgeries will have to happen for the rest of my life. I thought it was important to lose weight so I could care for myself post-surgery. 


Life Changing

NY: So how would say that New You has changed your life?

LORRAINE: I’m quite happy to stand at the front of photos now, rather than hiding in the back! I feel free and I’m loving this hot weather at the moment as I don’t have to wear a cardigan.


NY: What have been your happiest memories since losing weight?

LORRAINE: Being told I look younger and all the positive comments from people saying how well I look.


NY: What is the nicest compliment that you’ve received?

LORRAINE: Definitely when I’ve been told I look younger, especially at my age!



Great Advice

NY: What advice would you offer to anyone who was thinking of giving the New You Plan a go?

LORRAINE: Just go for it, follow it 100% and you will get the desired results of what you want. Give it a go! Get yourself a 2-week plan, and if after 2 weeks you’re finding it too tough then you’ll know it’s not for you. If you decide you love it and like the results, then you can order a big bundle. It only takes a few days to arrive so you can get started really quickly. I think a week isn’t enough – you’ll still get results but you really know after 2 weeks, plus that then gives you extra time to order more! 


Having dropped 3½ stone in just 11 weeks, Lorraine has been able to turn her life around quickly so she can make sure she heals well after her surgeries in the future.

She feels more photogenic and is now happy to leave the cardigan at home. Her story just goes to show how unique a why can be and how powerful a motivator it can be. It can really propel you forward and make your journey feel worthwhile

Whatever your reason is to lose weight and improve your health, take a chance, for yourself and give New You a try. You just never know where it will take you.


Kick start your weight loss journey here and you could be telling your story very soon!

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2 thoughts on “Confident And Cardigan Free, Lorraine Dropped 3½ Stone In Just 11 weeks!

    • Author gravatar

      please show what you get and eat for one day at a time Thank you

      • Author gravatar

        Hello Beryl it is lovely to hear from you.

        If you are under 17 stone you choose any 4 total products per day and over 17 stone then it is 5 products per day.
        You can also have our crisps everyday on top of your products or replace the crisps up to 3 times per week with one of our other snack options such as a wafer bar, crispy balls and biscuits.
        I hope that this helps but if I can assist you further please let me know.
        Kind Regards

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