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Caitriona’s 57lb New You Plan weight loss results*

Caitriona’s 57lb New You Plan weight loss results*

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New You Plan weight loss results

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

Caitriona McMahon from Country Clare is a special needs assistant in a primary school. She describes herself as bubbly and absolutely loves her job. However, she admits it’s a tough job and as an emotional eater, food has always been what she turns to when she needs comfort. Over the years, she was able to counteract this by being reasonably active. However, unexpected health complications led to her being off work, with exercise rendered impossible. This lead to an increase in weight and saw Caitriona go from a size 12/14 to an 18/20.

Today, Caitriona opens up about that terrible time in her life and how The New You Plan helped her to take control and lose a huge 57lbs. This is her story…

Caitriona, what do you think led to your weight gain?

Unfortunately, almost 5 years ago I had a brush with anxiety and panic attacks. This was something completely unknown to me and I had no idea what was happening. To make matters worse, the panic attacks seemed to mimic how I would feel before I had seizures in my youth. This made me even more anxious. I was convinced every time I was going to stand up I was going to collapse! I was off work at this stage, not exercising and eating all around me.

When I eventually made it back to work and got on top of the anxiety I was already up about 2 stone. I had no energy to exercise and got into the “diet mentality”…also known as, I’ll start eating well on Monday and pig out until then. Unfortunately, Monday materialised but the diet didn’t…so I would start a diet next Monday and so on and so on.

Any diet I did try – and there were plenty – never really suited me. Nor did I find them realistic to follow long term. Eventually, I was left with the reality of having put on almost another 2.5 stone, on top of what I had already piled on. I had gone from a happy size 12/14 to an 18/20 and I can honestly say I still had no real idea as to how I looked.

New You Plan weight loss results

How did you find The New You Plan?

About 6 months before I began The New You Plan, I watched my aunt lose 5 stone on another TFR diet. I was intrigued. She looked amazing! Another relative recommended New You to me and from that moment on my life changed.

For a week I read everything on the New You website. It seemed doable…but would it work for me? I told others at work about the diet and my super friend Carol said she would do it with me. We both decided on doing Fast Focus so we could get bikini bodies… we had holidays booked for the summer and didn’t want to cause tsunami like events when we jumped in the pool. We took our before photographs and I was horrified!! Had I really let things get this bad? My order went straight in that day.

How was your first week on plan?

Week one was tough. The detox headaches were spectacular but Grant was always available to answer any questions I had. He would even ring so we could speak one-to-one when I would ask a question on the website. And with the weight loss results at the end of week 1, it was totally worth it.

Tell us about your New You Plan weight loss results

After the first 12 weeks I had gone from 15 stone 10 pounds down to 12 stone 7 pounds. I was delighted with myself! I would be heading off on holiday after a 4 week break from the diet and would go back on fast focus after my return. Unfortunately, my re-feed wasn’t as controlled as I would have liked (I ate 2 Easter eggs on the first day…and another on the second). I was still in diet mentality so I pigged out before, during and after my holiday.

Eventually, at the end of August I got my head in the game again. I was 13 stone 10 pounds but determined that this would be my last time doing Fast Focus. I introduced running to my routine for the first time ever, having sworn off it all through my adult years.

Amazingly, when I didn’t put myself under any pressure to run fast I really enjoyed it. I currently run (slowly but happily) 5 km, twice a week.

New You Plan weight loss results

How has The New You Plan changed your mindset?

My weigh in this morning revealed I have lost 4 stone and 1.5 pounds. I will be beginning my final refeed next week and mentally I feel different about it. I think I am finally out of diet mentality and I’m looking forward to seeing how I will proceed without New You. Worry creeps in now and again about past mistakes but all my emotions are fine when it comes to the unknown and positivity will win on the day. I suppose only time will tell.

New You Plan weight loss results

What advice would you recommend to anyone considering trying The New You Plan?

Anyone considering trying the New You Plan, have a read of a poem I entered in one of their many amazing competitions. At the time I had no idea it was a glimpse into my future…

I tried every single day
to watch what I would eat
Attempting every single diet
suggested by those I meet
Struggling every single day,
feeling overly stout
Gaining every single day,
“Is this what life’s about?!!”

But then came the greatest day
I heard about your site
I read reviews, I asked around
And it was with huge delight
Not one complaint could I find
Only amazing transformations
Happy customers around the world
Sharing their revelations

And so I placed an order
foolishly preparing to hate
Another diet of restriction
And watching everything I ate
But this was not the case
As so many of you know
It was my path to liberation
As my waist began to show

My cankles became ankles
My face was not as bloated
My muffin top disappeared
“I feel like me!!” I gloated
The food is oh so tasty
I love the range of snacks
the shakes, the bars, the carbonara
in beautifully presented packs

And when I had a question
No matter how big or small
Grant was always online
waiting for my call
And the group called Secret Slimmers
They always have my back
Sharing tips and all their know how
keeping all of us on track

I couldn’t be more grateful
I can’t explain just how fantastic
It feels to wear my old blue jeans
And not clothes with extra elastic!!
If you feel like I used to
Then you know just what to do
Because I wouldn’t be where I am today
If I hadn’t found New You!


If you’re just starting out on your journey, or coming back to the plan then we would recommend our 60 TFR bundle. This bundle will last you for 14 days. You’ll be able to enjoy 4 meals per day and 2-3 snacks per week.

What’s even BETTER is that with The New You Plan we’re more than just a diet company. We are a total lifestyle change: meals, mindset, motivation and maintenance. With unrivalled customer service, a 100% money back guarantee and unlimited online support you’ll be able to get in the zone and smash your goals in 14 days.

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*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

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