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Bernadette Lost Over 2 Stone And Can’t Wait To Get Married Now

Bernadette Lost Over 2 Stone And Can’t Wait To Get Married Now

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“I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in the dress of my dreams!”

After hating her reflection as she tried on wedding dresses, Bernadette turned to the New You Plan for help. 4 months in and more than 2 stone down, she can’t wait for her big day!

I get married in 3 weeks and I can’t wait! I’m so excited to walk down that aisle and show my dress off to everyone. But, I have to admit, I didn’t always feel this way.

The fact that my fiance and I were getting married terrified me. All those eyes on you all day. In my head I imagined that guests would be thinking ‘she looks awful’, ‘that dress doesn’t suit her’ or ‘gosh she’s put on weight!’

It’s fair to say that I’ve always been self-conscious as I am a curvy girl. I’ve got a big bust and big hips. Throughout my life (despite compliments) I’ve always punished myself for not being able to wear a size 8 like some of my friends. During lockdown, my self-confidence sunk further. I had gone from 11 stone to 14 stone 5lbs. It was a shock. I knew I had put on weight but didn’t realise how much. As I stepped on the scales, the numbers convinced me that they were broken. I even got my brother to weigh himself to see if they were correct. When he said they were fine I was devastated and upset with myself for allowing the pounds to pile on.



When I first went wedding dress shopping I hated every second. I vowed I’d never go again. I went with my size 8 friend and had the worst experience. Nothing fit. I saw a fat, disgusting person in that mirror and at that moment I actually hated myself. Some of the comments that were made at the time like ‘plus size’ and ‘it’s a shame there aren’t more dresses for people like us,’ absolutely crushed me. I ended up crying in the changing room. Afterwards, I remember putting on a brave face for my friend. She got a McDonald’s on the way home and pretended I wasn’t hungry as I was so ashamed of myself. When I got home, I broke down in front of my fiancé. I even questioned getting married as I was so judgemental of my body and I just hated what I looked like.

Luckily, the experience forced me to do something to change how I saw myself. I couldn’t let how I felt ruin what was supposed to be a happy day.

After searching on Google, I found The New You Plan. I read some reviews and I thought “I can do this!” But, on the first day when I saw the size of my meal compared to my fiancé’s pizza and I thought, “OMG, how am I going to stick to this?” 

I tackled the meals by eating slowly and drinking lots of water. The crisps have been a huge help as they fill me up and make me feel like I’m not going without a snack. The first week I lost 6.5lbs and I got the buzz! Nothing was going to stop me.


After a month on the Plan, I noticed differences, not just on the scales. Clothes weren’t cutting into me anymore, my face looked thinner in pictures and I had tonnes more energy! I was starting to feel better about myself and people were noticing. One of my colleagues at work said “you’ve lost a lot of weight! When I saw you last – I’ve never seen you look so big! Well done.” Although it was a compliment, I found it hard to take. I didn’t hear the well done, I just heard how big I’d got. But, it made me more determined to keep on track and that comment stays with me on tough days!

Two months into the New You Plan, and after being persuaded by family and bridesmaids, I went to try on more wedding dresses. The lady pulled out gowns that I would never in my wildest dreams have thought I would feel confident in. But trying them on, I did!  I was even told, “you think you’re bigger than you are, madame.”

The New You Plan has literally changed my life in so many ways. My hen do was a spa trip and a water park and if I hadn’t started the Plan I wouldn’t have gone. I’d have made up an excuse not to go, just like I did with swimming with my children. But having lost over 2 stone, I felt confident in my swimming costume. I actually took selfies!

When I started my weight loss journey on 1st March 2022, I have to admit that I was hesitant as I’ve always gone from one fad diet to another. I worried that this would be the same, but how wrong could I have been?! 

The transformation from 14 stone 5lbs to 11 stone 12lb in a few months has been amazing! I never feel hungry and love the taste of the food.  I’m confident and happy and most importantly I feel like myself again.

I can’t wait to strut down the aisle in my gorgeous dress and show everyone the pictures! I owe a huge thanks to New You as they’ve made me feel happy about myself for the first time in years! Also, I couldn’t have gotten this far without the support and inspiring people of the Secret Slimmer Facebook group.  Everyone on there is so kind, encouraging and lifts you up when you need it. Look out for my wedding pictures in 3 weeks’ time!



Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight and transform your life New You can support you in hitting your goal and staying there for life. See our website for more details.

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