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6 Steps To Help You Think Thin

6 Steps To Help You Think Thin

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Think thin

Is your attitude towards losing weight keeping you fat? Would you like to curb your obsession with constant thoughts about food? Here, our Customer Transformation Coach Candida shares 6 steps to help you think thin in order to change how you think about food.

If you want to be successful in losing weight you need to cut the mental fat, change your habits and stop making excuses!

Learning to think thin is not going to happen overnight but I am going to give you some guidelines to help you think like a thin person, eat like a thin person and feel empowered to change your mindset.

Think thin

1. Picture this & think thin

Try to picture yourself thin. Think how incredible you are going to look and feel in a month’s time, in six months’ time. If you have any photos of yourself when you were slimmer, dig them out and pin them up. In Janet Thompson’s book ‘Think More Eat Less’ she suggests committing to spending one minute just before you go to sleep each night and one minute when you wake each morning, whilst you are in a sleepy, trance-like state, visualising yourself like this. Creating powerful positive emotions will help generate faith in your ability to succeed.

Perhaps you have a role model you aspire to. This could be a film star or a pop star. Think about what they eat and remember they are human too and must have to work incredibly hard to stay slim and healthy. What do you think they eat? Research their fitness and healthy eating habits. You don’t need to compare yourself to them but use them as inspiration to think if they can do it, so can I!

2. Write it down

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be super sexy and fit for your summer holiday or do you dream of getting into a size 12 pair of skinny jeans? How are you going to get there and what are you prepared to do to reach these goals? Write your own mission statement and read it out loud daily. This could be: “I am going to stick to being on plan and be the healthiest and best I can possibly be”.

3. Mindset identification

What has stopped you from achieving your weight loss goals? Junk food? Alcohol? Stress? Identify your weaknesses, your behaviour towards these pitfalls and think of a better way to handle them moving forward.

4. Don’t switch off your senses

How much time do you spend thinking about what you eat, compared to how much time you spend physically eating? Typically, people who are considerably overweight think about food continually in between meals, whereas slim people tend to think about food only when they start to get hungry. Overweight people generally eat exceedingly quickly, failing to think about the smell, taste and the texture of the food; whereas slimmer people eat more slowly, and are mindful of what they are eating, how it tastes, smells and what emotions it evokes.

If you switch off your senses, you are more likely to eat more. Eat until you feel nicely satisfied not until you are full up. Listen to your brain as your stomach will send signals to your brain telling you when you have had enough.

5. Friendly advice

Really try and spend time with like-minded people; people who have perhaps reached their goal or who support you on your journey. Who you spend time with will directly affect your attitude as your unconscious mind will be continually processing their shared experiences as well as your own. Connect with these people on a regular basis.

6. False rewards

Do not use food as a reward or treat. Fuel your body with the best food possible. However, do not ban yourself from eating something as this will only make you crave it more.

I would like you to follow these simple exercises and re-programme your brain to think thin. Take control of your thinking and all the bad associations that go with it. Not only will you begin to think thin you will feel incredible empowerment that YOU have taken back control of your mind and body resulting in weight loss that will totally change how you look and feel.

Make your health your TOP priority by building these easy steps into your life, and ultimately these will become a routine part of your life.

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