5 Apps You Need To Help You Lose Weight

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Hi everyone, let’s have look at some of the best apps to help

you on your weight loss journey!

Fantastic work this week all! Keep it up!

*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

I’ve been looking at some of the apps available to help you on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. With the help of some of you fabulous slimmers in my day 10 weight loss challenge blog, I’ve come up with the following! Woohoo!!

First up we have Target Weight. This is a free app on iPhone. It allows you to track your weight from the very beginning to the present as well as well your BMI. You can view graphs tracking your progress which can be a real motivator.

Next up is an Android app called Weigh-in De Luxe. Again this enables you to input your weight, measurements and where you want to be and you can track your progress. In other words you can see how amazingly you’re doing on your way to your fab body.


For those of you who like to go for a run, the Runkeeper app on iPhone is great. It uses GPS to track your activity and allows you to see how well you’re doing plus adding challenges. If you don’t fancy running outside you can also use this app to track progress for things such as a treadmill. Go on you know you want to!

Not to leave anyone with a Blackberry out, we have Weight Tracker Lite. This allows you to easily track your weight and BMI. All you do is enter your details and it will give you your result on the BMI scale. This is a very easy way to keep an eye on your progress.

Finally, there is the WiScale app on iPhone. This monitors lots of health information such as weight and BMI. An added extra with this one, if you want, is a blood pressure tool, although you would need the monitor to go with it. However, even without this it allows you to keep track of your progress.

Most of these apps are free which is great so monitoring how you’re doing and keeping up with your goals is soooo easy. Woohoo!

Keep up the great work everyone and have a fantastic weekend!

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1 thought on “5 Apps You Need To Help You Lose Weight

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      Hi all, just have to share this with you. yesterday was 1st day up from the sick bed, so today I went to the Square, tallaght and decided to try on a pair of jeans…size 12…I got BOTH legs in, the button CLOSED and the ZIP UP with no problem. I am just So Thrilled. Will start walking again next week when I feel fully charged, and will wait til Friday to weigh in. Imagine!! I am challenging myself to be able to do that in size 10 jeans by 31 May. Well, at least get into them!! 😮 Great plan this … Good on Ye Julz! I really don’t think I’d have got this far without your support, and the support of the May Gang. Great bunch Ye are….ps. If we published a book with all the comments/motivation, twould be a best seller! !

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