£30K TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE: WINNER Marina Lost 8st 2lbs* & WON £1000 Cash!

£30K TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE: WINNER Marina Lost 8st 2lbs* & WON £1000 Cash!

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Marina began suffering with an endless pain in her leg, walking the shortest distance took ages and she was breathless. Knowing that she needed to lose weight, she found The New You Plan & hasn’t looked back, losing an incredible 8st 2lbs. Her daughter was an amazing support & encouraged her to enter our challenge, which led to her winning £1000 cash.

Here is her story…

New You: Marina, why did you decide to join the challenge?

Marina: My daughter who lives in Italy encouraged me. We took the photographs at the beginning, and then she would take more photos and record the measurements each time I visited. She insisted on me sending the photos in December. I could never have done it without my daughter, even though she lives a thousand odd miles away. But she’s always there for me. I’ve got a son here as well and he is so supportive and very proud of me. And the grandchildren are too. I’ve got four grandchildren. Two are too small to realise what’s going on, whereas the other two came on Saturday and when they heard about me winning the competition, they came in and said we are so proud of you. They must have said at least ten times.

New You: Was there anything that helped you stay on-track while doing the challenge?

Marina: I used to do set up mini milestones and reward myself. When I lost my first 5 kilos I bought myself a plant, and it’s still alive. I used to do little goals like that – pair of trousers, a pair of leggings. Now I’ve treated myself to a phone also. Then another thing that I focus on, because I weigh myself in kilos, is to get under that mark. I was 134.9 when I started, so I aimed to get under 130. So, when you hit that 129, you get a really good feeling. Then I went for 119, then 109, then the 99. Now I’m looking forward to the 79. So, we’re slowly getting there towards my goal, which is 66-69 kilos. So not far to go.

New You: We’d love to know how you heard about the plan!

Marina: I was searching the Internet looking for a method to lose weight, and you attracted my attention. It was much cheaper than the other plans I had come across. I didn’t know much about the taste or anything, I had done a similar plan a few years ago, but it worked out way too expensive. I think it was something like £60 a week if I remember rightly. And so, with the cost of living at the moment, I couldn’t afford that. So, I decided to go with you for that reason, hoping that the food was good and I find it excellent.

Getting started…

New You: What led to you starting the plan?

Marina: I’d sold my car in October 2022. To walk to work from where I live, if it was an 8:00am start, I would leave home at 6.45am and I think it’s 2.4 km there. And I would have to stop, literally, I’m not joking, seven times to catch my breath back or to relax a moment to restart again, because I’ve got a bad leg as well. And now I’ve got to the point that I leave for work at between 07:20 and 07:25 and it only takes me 24 minutes now.

New You: And tell us about that first week…

Marina: I found it quite easy because I did actually enjoy the products and I was eating the five packs a day to start with. Now, what I tend to do is some days I do switch, sometimes I do TFR. It depends on how I’m feeling myself more than anything. And I do the fasting part as well. So, I eat in the evening and I don’t have anything until after 2pm in the afternoon. I find that really helpful. I found the first week really enjoyable because I was discovering new foods. I invested in a microwave and it’s amazing because it takes so little to cook. You don’t have to worry about pots and pans and lots of plates.

New You: What are your go-to meals & snacks?

Marina: I tend not to buy too many snacks, because sometimes I think using the snacks triggers something in my head that I want more snacks, if that makes sense. Foodwise, I like practically everything. Probably one of my favourites is the Four Cheese Pasta. The Carbonara is nice as well, which coming from an Italian, says a lot. My daughter also ordered some packs to Italy and she’s also a fan of the pasta. If they are tasty and okay for Italians, the pasta is okay for everybody. I also love the Mexican tacos and Burger. Finally, I like the bars as well and my favourite soups are all Asparagus one and Ham & Mushroom, which are nice and thick.

Life changing…

New You: How would you say the plan has changed your life?

Marina: It’s given me a new lease of life. Even though I am nearly 62, I now enjoy being with the two grandchildren who live here and I have so much more energy to play with them, to cook for them, because I’m a very good cook as well, and I cook a lot of food for people and don’t eat it. So, it’s given me a new lease of life. I would say there’s no stopping me now.

I’ve had a bad leg and hip for quite a while and the doctors always put it down to the fact that I was overweight, because that’s their answer to anything. The pain is still there, even though I’m 55 kilos under now. But it’s a different kind of a pain. It’s more bearable. The doctor is extremely happy as well, because there’s always questions about doctors not being happy with people doing the TFR. But I told him I was doing that and he was fine with it. I’ve had my blood tested twice while on the plan and everything has been normal. My blood pressure is also perfect. He is extremely happy with my weight loss and I got no complaints. He says, if it’s working for you, go for it, keep doing what you’re doing. I had a slight deficiency in iron before I started, and it’s now perfect with using just the little packets. I’ve got no problems all now, so I fully believe in your methods.

New You: What is the nicest compliment you have received since losing weight?

Marina: I think the ones from the grandchildren when they told me the other day, they are so, so proud of me. I think that’s the best compliment I could possibly have.

New You: What would you say to someone thinking of starting the plan?

Marina: I would tell them to go for it, to concentrate on drinking water and working out what meals you like to have. Focus on small goals and take one week at a time. And if I can do it, you can do.

New You: And then finally, what’s next?

Marina: Basically I’ve decided to do a mixture of TFR and Switch. So my final goal will be to get down to between 66-69 kilos, which is roughly 15 kilos off. It depends on how I actually look – I don’t want to look haggard. And then just maintaining afterwards, trying to do more things, walking faster, increasing my general fitness.

Whether you want to lose half a stone or 10 stone*, have a slimmer figure, or are just looking to get maximum nutrition in minimum time, then New You can make the perfect partner to get you to where you want to be.

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