February Love Theme: Creativity

Opening up your creativity is a great way to improve how you feel and to get your mind interested in new hobbies. A lot of time we hear customers say they do not really have any hobbies. Getting hobbies is a great way to create an inspired life that keeps your body and mind healthy. I love this quote; Find

February Love Theme: GRATITUDE

GRATITUDE is probably one of the biggest shifts you can make if you want to live a healthy inspired life! In our Magical Me Monthly Journal, every page starts with a prompt to write out 5 things you loved about the last 24 hours. Every night before we go to sleep I ask my daughters 3 things they loved about

February Love Theme: Embrace

5 Things to Embrace on your New You Journey Embrace the process. Falling in love with process is crucial. The process of our specialist total food replacement plan is your ticket to fast track yourself to your healthy target weight. The process is simple; 4 packs and 4 litres of water. Keep it simple, embrace the simplicity and you will

February Love Theme: Work Out

Movement is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. If you want to live a long healthy active life, then you need to get active now. I think a lot of us can get overwhelmed at the thought of getting active, especially if we are quite sedentary. Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle is when you walk less than

February Love Theme: Love Yourself

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day of love. Love is always the answer. Want to lose weight? – Love your body. Want to be happy? – Love your life. Want to succeed in your career? – Love your work. Want to make millions? – Love helping people solve problems. Want to fall in love with someone? – Love yourself first.

February Love Theme: Best Friend

How lovely is this quote? I love how everyday this conversation is happening with our customers to their own body. We all can become our own best friend. It all starts with talking to yourself softly, kindly and with love. Make the decision to change and to love yourself. You are never too late, and you are never too old

February Love Theme: Selfless

There are many reasons that people gain weight, or struggle to maintain weight. One of those reasons is that they are selfless. Selfless people can also be known as People Pleasers or Codependent. They put other people before themselves because they are selfless. Because of having no time or energy left; their weight goes up and self esteem goes down.

February Love Theme: Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine! This month we are focused on loving our bodies and developing healthy habits and mindsets that support us on our new you journey! Today is all about how LAUGHTER makes us healthy, and how we can add more laughter into our lives 🙂 When you are happy and upbeat, it will make your new you

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