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February Love Theme: Embrace

February Love Theme: Embrace

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5 Things to Embrace on your New You Journey

  1. Embrace the process. Falling in love with process is crucial. The process of our specialist total food replacement plan is your ticket to fast track yourself to your healthy target weight. The process is simple; 4 packs and 4 litres of water. Keep it simple, embrace the simplicity and you will fly to your goal. I love this quote – it hits home with the importance of being consistent with a simple plan, “Ordinary things, consistently done, create extraordinary results.”
  2. Embrace your starting point. You are where you are, and accepting where you are and embracing it means that you can start your new you journey from a place of self love and self acceptance. A lot of us will gain weight because of a challenging time in our lives. I read this quote and it really resonated with me. “Forgive yourself for what you did when you are in survival mode.”
  3. Embrace your health. If you have gained a lot of weight and you are starting your weight loss journey, your mind can wonder to feelings that you have “wrecked your body” and that you are going to have loose skin. These thoughts will not help you. You need to embrace your health and make it your number one priority. You will not know what your body will look like until you get to your healthy weight. Make getting to your healthy weight your single focus. We get this one life, and we need to be healthy to make the most of it. Don’t let a dysfunctional view of vanity keep you from being healthy.
  4. Embrace your future. If your weight is holding you back from living your best life, then get clear on what you are missing out on. It should make you feel emotional, no body wants to live a life that sees them miss out on their potential. Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who do you want to have special experiences with? Get clear on what you want your future to be like. Embrace your future, see it and feel it and get to work on becoming the best version of yourself so that you can show up and really experience life the way you want to! If you want to lose 5 stone, you can achieve that in less than half a year. Just think of how short a space a time that is, for you to be feeling and looking your best!
  5. Embrace your loved ones. The life we live impacts the ones we love in more ways that we realise. The best way for you to have a positive healthy influence on your loved ones, is for you to become the healthy role model and live your life as an example to them. Be the one who inspires the people you love. Be the one who suggests the walk in the park rather than watching TV. Be the one who suggests no screen time for 1 hour before bed. Embrace your loved ones and be the person they need so that they can live a healthy lifestyle by copying your example.

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