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February Love Theme: GRATITUDE

February Love Theme: GRATITUDE

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GRATITUDE is probably one of the biggest shifts you can make if you want to live a healthy inspired life!

In our Magical Me Monthly Journal, every page starts with a prompt to write out 5 things you loved about the last 24 hours.

Every night before we go to sleep I ask my daughters 3 things they loved about the day.

I believe that looking for the good in every day is an important part of having good mental health.

I have went through a lot of challenges, and had my heart broken. Having a strong consistent gratitude practice played a big part in my healing journey.

When you are grateful, feelings of fear, anger, hurt and worry disappear. When you have an attitude of gratitude you feel good, and when you feel good your body is at ease and content.

Gratitude is good for both your MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH. Developing a daily gratitude practice is a great way to improve your life, your emotions, your relationships and your health. It is so simple to do, and you can do it in many forms.

I like to write my gratitudes out. When I do it with my kids we just speak them out loud before we go to sleep.

How could you build a gratitude practice into your life?

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