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Julz Wants To Lose 2 Stone This Spring – Her Story & Meal Plan Revealed!

Julz Wants To Lose 2 Stone This Spring – Her Story & Meal Plan Revealed!

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julz marchHi, I’m Julz! 🙂  Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m a busy Mum of 2 kids, and I am on a Mission To Lose Weight This Spring.  I want to lose 2 stone, and I am going to follow a Very Low Calorie Diet Plan to achieve my goal.

Very Low Calorie Diets get a bad rap and I am here to put things straight!  

I am SO GLAD to see RESEARCH PROVING again and again that low calorie meal replacement diets are an effective and healthy way to lose weight.  Just today In the Journal of Diabetic Care, I read about a study of 30 people who had diabetes and after following a meal replacement plan for 8 weeks they lost an average of 2 stone.  12 people reversed diabetes and the other 18 had convincing improvements in their health.

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Low Calorie Diets Can Transform Lives, I know…. because my life has been transformed and I have personally supported thousands of men and women from around the UK & Ireland to transform their lives too. 

1.processed-foods_377x171_E0HWJ7Today’s lifestyle, the food manufacturers, and the habits of society, to grab food on the go, sets us up to fail, to gain weight and to feel stuck.

It really is not our fault, it is the way the world is now and some people can “get away with it” while some of us, just pile on the pounds and soon start to feel trapped and miserable.

We live in a world where we eat an absurd amount of calories, and manufacturer’s of foods are adding chemicals that keep us addicted.  We really stand no chance and that is why obesity and diabetes are on the rise and reaching scary levels.

Meal replacements have literally saved my life.  I struggled to lose weight with healthy eating, and as I had mobility issues it was very demoralising and I was always hungry and it was so easy to get it wrong or to eat too much.  I had over 100 pounds to lose, and the thought of losing a pound, and gaining a pound… I was overwhelmed that this journey would take me 100 weeks or more, but with a low calorie meal replacement diet I was able to lose 14 pounds a month* rather than 3-4 pounds a month.

Meal replacements gave me a FAST PASS TICKET TO A NEW ME.

It was easy to control how many calories I consumed, sticking to 4 meals a day my calorie intake was around 600 calories (creating a massive calorie deficit) and my body got 100% of my Recommended Daily Amounts of Vitamins and Minerals to keep me healthy and support my body to function at its best to help flush away the excess fat that I was carrying.  The best part was that because I was consuming under 60g of carbs a day my body was in a natural fat burning state called KETOSIS, and this resulted in me having NO HUNGER AND INCREASED ENERGY.

julzmarchIt was a dream come true and I never have enjoyed weight loss as much in my whole life.  

I didn’t feel deprived, I felt energised!  

I didn’t feel overwhelmed, I felt empowered and excited!  

At last I started to believe I finally could be slim and healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin!  It was a liberating feeling.

I get that you might be reading this and thinking – “It cannot be healthy to consume only 600 calories a day!”

Some people do not believe it is healthy to consume 600 calories a day, but mostly people do not understand how a VLCD (very low calorie diet) works, the science behind it, and how it can transform lives and give people who are struggling REAL HOPE for a healthy life and future.

I am a massive advocate of meal replacements for weight loss, and I know if I had not of used meal replacements I would still be feeling stuck and overwhelmed with a lot of weight to lose.

JulzI was once a BMI 47, Obese III – I was a size 22 and for my tiny 5 ft frame this was such a hard time physically and emotionally.  Thankfully with the help of meal replacements I was able to drop from size 22 to a size 10.

Losing weight is HARD.

To lose just 1 pound of fat, we need to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories.  Using a Very Low Calorie Diet you can easily create a BIG calorie deficit without losing any nutrients, and without feeling tired and hungry.

The weight loss results are so exciting and seeing the results in my face, tummy, thighs and arms every week motivates me to keep going.  I know in my heart that it is just a short time and I can get to my healthy target weight and then I can maintain with a normal healthy diet of fresh foods.

If you are struggling with your weight, then I hope you will follow me, as I will be sharing the highs and lows and giving you my secrets and weird tricks as to how I went from Size 22 to a Size 10, and now I am on the last leg to get to a Size 8!

I am going to be sharing; the good, the bad, and the ugly, of my TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT weight loss journey with you with updates, videos and blogs!

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My journey so far


Buckle your seat belt because the following few weeks are  going to be a fun and exciting ride, and like all roller coasters there will be some highs and lows!  But when you look back; you will laugh and scream with delight; “WOW! What a ride!


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julz march 16th“My biggest joy in life is to see someone who is unhappy and unhealthy, overweight and overwhelmed, turn their life and health around, to become healthy, strong, empowered, focused, men and women.”

Losing weight is much much more than just dropping clothes sizes. I personally think it can be the catalyst for so much positive change; not only in your life, but also in the lives of people around you!

I love my work, I feel so passionately about The New You Plan, and our mission to have a positive impact on the world, and change lives! We have an amazing team here at The New You Plan, as the company has grown from strength to strength, we have attracted so many amazing, caring, genuine people to our team, who care about our customers as much as I do!

I love reading the 5 star reviews that we get from our customers, it really makes my heart sing, when I read how The New You Plan and our team are helping people all over the UK, Ireland and the world, to step up and feel empowered and inspired to make changes in their life to be healthier and happier! At the end of the day, that is all that matters in life isn’t it? Being happy and healthy, and we feel proud and honoured to be able to play a part in helping people to achieve those two important goals in life.

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and I know that the silver lining to my weight problems, is that I can help you with yours.

I can totally relate to you. I know what it feels like to be overweight, overwhelmed and feel low about myself.

Me last Christmas, doing the famous hiding and cringing in a photo because I am not happy with my size.

Struggling with your weight, feeling unhappy with your size and unhealthy and immobile, is a frustrating way to live, dreading social occasions, turning down invites, not recognising yourself when you look in the mirror. Always wishing to be slim and healthy, but not feeling strong enough to take the action needed to change.  Feeling totally hopeless and helpless. It is a vicious circle that is demoralising and upsetting….

I want to help as many people as possible to break free from feeling like that, and it can be done, it really really can. I have felt like this many times over the last year, but I am stronger than ever now, and more determined, and more confident than I ever have been in my whole entire life! And I am here ready to share my story and help others to get through it.

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I know how it feels to be a size 12 and desperately want to be a size 8, and I also know how it feels to be a size 22 and feel that being a size 12 again is only a dream. In the last 6 years I have experienced every possible weight loss situation, and I have overcome it every time.  I have found that every time I have lost weight I have had a different set of challenges to overcome and been in a different situation, so I have experienced so much, and know that with this experience I can help you to get back in the zone and get to your goal!  


I am NOT Little Miss Perfect! 

missperfectI am NOT little Miss Perfect who can sit on her perch and tell you how to lose weight from a text book. I am not one of these people who has never had a weight problem in their life, that can dish out lots of advice on how to “eat less” and “move more”. I seriously am not that perfect person, I am far from it, and for some people that will mean you are reading this and thinking, “Why should I listen to you then?” I totally get that some people will think that, and I totally understand that, I am not here to appeal to everyone, I am here to help a very specific type of person, and that might not be you…


Who can I help?

            • I can help you if you are struggling with your weight, and you feel unhappy with your size and overwhelmed at the journey ahead of you.



          • If you feel trapped and stuck in a rut with your weight, and you desperately want to make that change but for some reason or another, you haven’t been able to get yourself back on track and in the zone. I am here to help YOU.



          • If you feel patronised by people who want to give you healthy eating advice but they have never experienced the pain of being overweight and the struggles that come with it and they do not really understand what you are going through. I understand totally, and if you want help from someone who knows what you are going through right now, because they have just been through it, I am that person, and I am here to help YOU.



          • If you are at a point where you know you need to change your lifestyle and your mindset to achieve long term weight loss, then I know I can help you.



I have struggled with my weight, and I know at a very visceral level how it really feels to be overweight and struggle with your size, your mobility, your health, your emotions, your self belief and confidence. I know how hard a place it can be, and I know how to turn that situation around.


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I am also a very strong person. I am a self confessed personal development junkie, I am always on a mission to learn more and become a better person, I have been reading books, doing courses and learning about personal development since I was 27 years old, that is 13 years of study. Through everything that I have learned over the years, I have created my own systems to achieve my goals, to lose weight, to get my life in balance, and to keep my life and my health moving forward, despite the many curve balls that life has thrown at me. I have spent 2.5 years of the last 6 years in bed, in pain, and I have managed to lose my weight twice and grow New You to sell millions of meals and help thousands of people.

I am here to help YOU and share this weight loss journey with you so that you can get the help you need to feel motivated, inspired and empowered to get yourself back on track!

I honestly believe that the best way to get yourself out of a diet rut, to break free from feeling fat, frumpy and controlled by food, is to get stuck into total food replacement.

Total Food Replacement is like the springboard to a Healthy, Happy New You. It gives you the perfect opportunity to break the bad habits, get motivating results, and to build your confidence, that “YES YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE, AND YOU CAN BE SLIM, HEALTHY, AND HAPPY!”

Total Food Replacement means you have 4 meals a day from our New You Plan range of ketosis meal packs.
Total Food Replacement means you have 4 meals a day from our New You Plan range of ketosis meal packs.

If you have never done Total Food Replacement before, it is truly an amazing and enlightening experience, it will almost give you a high, as it is the most amazing combination, of rapid weight loss, exciting body transformations, amazing energy levels, no hunger, no temptation, you just feel totally unstoppable and your confidence and self esteem is sky high!

It is also a very simple diet plan, it is black and white, you take 4 New You Plan meal replacements and 4 litres of water a day. That is it. So simple, you cannot get it wrong! The meals are easy to make, you don’t add anything, just add water!

After following the TFR plan for 4 days you body will go into a natural safe fat burning mode called KETOSIS. Ketosis is awesome!

Ketosis is when your body burns your body fat 24/7 as its primary fuel source! So even while you sleep you body is burning your fat. If you have lots of fat to burn, that means your body is tapped into this amazing supply of energy, and that means that you will be buzzing around like a busy bee, and not even think of food because you will not be hungry.

Sounds good doesn’t it!  Sounds so easy! But the truth of it is, that when we have a big emotional attachment to food and when we are addicted to food, even getting to day 4 to get into ketosis can be a struggle for some people. So it does take some willpower and determination in the early days, and I am going to give you some of my systems to make that happen for you. So if you are struggling with getting into ketosis, stayed tuned to my blog this week!

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Total Food Replacement works. Full stop. It helps people to break free from food addictions, it helps people to lose an incredible amount of weight in a short period of time, and it helps people to get healthy and believe they can be slim again.   We have so many amazing success stories. Candida is a wonderful member of our Secret Slimmers community who inspires me every single day!  We have so many truly inspiring people in our community, who are only too happy to help you. Candida social  

At The New You Plan we have helped thousands of people to lose weight and get to their healthy target weight through our Total Food Replacement plan.



So are You Ready to Join Me on a Spring into Summer Mission?  


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* Weight Loss Results Will Vary as everyone is wonderfully unique 🙂


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