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What is Fast Focus?

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FAST FOCUS is for fast weight loss – get motivated with a dramatic transformation for a fast New You!


Follow FAST FOCUS if:

√ You are really struggling to lose weight

√ Your weight makes you feel uncomfortable

√ You have a lot of weight to lose

√ You want to see fast, motivating results

√ You feel stuck in a rut and need big change

√ You are addicted to the wrong foods

√ You are 100% committed to change

√ You need a kick start to a new lifestyle

√ You want a simple and easy plan

√ You don’t want to calorie count

√ BMI is over 26

√ No health problems

The benefits of FAST FOCUS:

√Breaking bad habits

√ Stop using food as an emotional crutch

√ Break addictions to bad foods

Feel the benefits of ketosis:

√ Lack of hunger

√ Lower blood pressure

√ Drop in cholesterol

√ More energy

√ Clearer thinking

√ Weight loss

Benefits of fasting:

√ Speeds up the metabolism

√ Improves your eating habits

√ Improves your immune system

√ Helps clear the skin and prevent acne

√ Improves your brain

√ Fasting reboots your immune system

√ 100% recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals

How long can I do it for?

FAST FOCUS is recommend for a minimum of three weeks to kick start a healthy lifestyle. However, for full benefit, we recommend a minimum of 66 days (as supported by research in The European Journal of Social Psychology in association with University College London (2010)). By completing The New You Plan for a period of 66 days, you will form positive habits. By following The New You Plan repetitively you will not only be promoting positive behaviour and achieving a normalised habit but you will also see increased confidence and self esteem from increased weight lossAfter 12 weeks (as recommended by NICE) move to FRESH FOCUS for two weeks before recommencing FAST FOCUS.


Menu Planning 

With FAST FOCUS, everyday is a FAST DAY, meaning you take any 4 of our total meal replacement packs a day. If you are over 17 stone add in 1 snack everyday. If you are under 17 stone then have 2-3 snacks a week if required.

Sample Meal Packs:

  • Breakfast – Shake, Porridge, Pancakes, Omelettes, Meal Bars
  • Lunch – Shake, Soup, Meal Bar, Hot Meal
  • Dinner – Shake, Soup, Hot Meal
  • Supper – Soup, Hot Shake, Pancakes, Bar

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    Buy NOW and we’ll even send you our specially designed Wall Chart so you can chart your progress & mark off those 100% days!



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3 Responses

  1. denise farrell says:

    I’ve been on and off plan since December2015. Over this period I have lost 5.5 stone.. this plan has really helped me tm make positive changes in my life. In slimmer, which means i can exercise more so I feel happier.. Just starting plan again for the summer. I won’t recognise myself by September ha ha.. can’t wait… Thanks New you.. Denise farrell

  2. Stacey Fitzgerald says:

    Hi there, I live in Ladysbridge, co.cork I would be really interested in the fast focus plan please – thank you