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Battle of the Mind. How to succeed on your VLCD.

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VLCD Diet Tip – How to Win the Battle of the Mind

When you are on a VLCD Very Low Calorie Total Food Replacement diet your mindset is crucial, as it really is such a head diet, we need to be in “the zone”.  Getting in the diet zone is hard, and staying there is hard too!  In this article we will look at the battle of our minds and how we can get ourselves into the diet zone and succeed on our VLCD.

Our mind is a powerful thing.  We are in constant battle with our mind at times.  Sometimes our own mind can be our worst enemy.  It can say the meanest things to us, and it can try to trip us up when we are at our most vulnerable.  We probably wouldn’t want a friend like our own mind when you think about it.

This is a great example of what is going on inside our minds all the time…


For people who struggle with their weight, the battle of the mind, and the wolves inside can focus on our weakness – FOOD.

Many of us WANT to go on a VLCD – we want to break the bad habits and addictions to the food that is both our comfort and our enemy.  We set the date and get committed to start, and then Day 1 arrives, and by tea time the bad wolf comes in, and the battle of the mind commences.  The bad wolf tells us, it is ok, we can start again tomorrow.  We either stay strong or give up.  If we give up the bad wolf wins and then we feel so bad and we want to start again tomorrow.

We start listening to the good wolf who wants us to be slim and healthy and happy and we feel all set to give it another go.  This time we are going to do it!!! 🙂

The next day the same thing happens again…..

The battle of the mind, and the two wolves inside will always continue if we keep feeding both wolves.

The only way the “bad wolf” will stop trying to throw you off course is if you stop feeding it.

You need to realise that the bad wolf is alive and well inside you, and that if you want to stop hearing his voice then you need to stop feeding him.

What is your bad wolf saying to you?

“A little won’t hurt”

“You will always be overweight, what is the point in trying”

“You love unhealthy foods, you can never give them up.”

“You can eat this tonight, and start afresh tomorrow.”

“Sure you have to live, might as well drink that bottle of wine tonight”

“What is the point in losing weight you still won’t look good, after having all those children your body is a mess anyway”

“This is too hard for you, you are not strong enough”

What is your good wolf saying to you?

“You are unhappy like this, please love yourself enough to take control and get healthy”

“You can do this, just take it day at a time, you will get there”

“You are amazing, and when you get to your goal you will be able to wear those jeans, stay focused”

“You are doing great, another day done, your transformation is well underway!”

“You are being so healthy and making positive decisions, I am so proud of you”

“You are being so strong, you are going to inspire so many people to get healthy too!”


Today when you hear your bad wolf speak to you, realise that you cannot feed him, you have to stay strong, listen to your good wolf.  Listen to the voice inside you that knows you deserve much more, that you deserve to be healthy and happy, you deserve to look in the mirror and think you look gorgeous!  You deserve to go into any clothes shop you want and chose any outfit because you know it will look fab on you!  You deserve to have fun with the lights ON ;-).

It is commonly said that it takes 21 days to break a habit.  I have found that anyone who can stick to their VLCD total food replacement diet plan for 21 days 100% really do have great success.  I think this is how long it takes for that bad wolf to be quiet.  The bad wolf inside you will never really die, but the less you feed him the less energy and control he will have over you.

Today give yourself the gift of 21 days 100%.  You will look and feel better, you will feel in control, you will feel empowered and your jeans will be looser on you!  Stop feeding that bad wolf inside you, instead nourish yourself, love yourself, make the right choices, stay strong and focused, and believe in your heart and your soul that you deserve this.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Don’t forget that new you plan customers also have the love, encouragement and inspiration from our secret facebook group called secret slimmers, and the 7 day kick start will also feed your mind with lots of positive strength to help you feed the good wolf who will love and support you on your journey to your healthy weight goal.

If you want to find out more about the new you plan and our range of diet meal replacements for safe rapid weight loss via ketosis then please check out our GETTING STARTED page.

You can order your VLCD diet meal replacements from our website.

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10 Responses

  1. Preeti says:

    Thank you. Just what I needed!!! 🙂

  2. Caroline Ngouoto.. says:

    Loveeee it <3 xx

  3. liz mclaughlin says:

    wow, just what i needed.. fantastic and rings so true with me…x

  4. Mary says:

    Fantastic article Julz, so strong and determind!
    love the wolves proverb… gonna print that off and try live by it, not just for the way it relates to food but in life, sometims we can get too caught up in the things that frustrate us and make us unhappy and angry rather than focusing on the happy/ joyful things that we are living tru and enjoying.
    well done xxx

  5. Michelle Quinn says:

    Brilliant and just what I needed as my bad wolf has been trying to throw me off track, but on this occasion he won’t win!!!! Thanks Julz 🙂

  6. Kari says:

    Am back on the diet tomorrow and I will not slip up this time!I’m going to save this page to my screensaver 🙂

  7. Susan Williams says:

    THANK YOU just what i needed to kick me up the arse
    good always overcomes evil in the end