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This is probably one of my favourite life lessons…


Being congruent means…

that what you say,

what you think and

what you do are all the same!

When all 3 are aligned then this is when you are most happy, because you are at peace with yourself.

This ties in perfectly with our theme for this year; TRANSFORMATION THROUGH SELF LOVE.  

The first step towards self love, is to be at peace with yourself, by having your thoughts, words and actions in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi summed up Happiness perfectly when he said…

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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you feel are all in harmony” 

– Mahatma Gandhi

This is why so many of our customers FEEL SO HAPPY when they are following our total food replacement plan.  

They simply stopped being at war with themselves, and made the decision to think, speak and act HEALTH. 

When it comes to your NEW YOU journey, being congruent is crucial to your success.

  • Think thoughts that empower you!
  • Speak words that encourage you!
  • Take action that brings you closer to your dream life!

If you are congruent, your NEW YOU journey will be happy, easy, empowering, exciting, transformational, amazing!

If you are not congruent, your NEW YOU journey will be frustrating, exhausting, depressing, upsetting, overwhelming and long.

Here is why…

  • If you are thinking… “I want to be slim and healthy!”
  • If you are saying… “I can’t do this, I am always going to be fat!”
  • If you are doing… Calling the Chinese takeaway as soon as you hear the theme music to your favourite Saturday night TV Show every weekend….
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Then you are not going to be happy as you are at war with yourself. Your thoughts and actions are in competition with each other, you are stealing your own dreams and heart’s desires, and that is never a recipe for success or happiness. 


If you start to be aware of what you think and say, and…

Change your “I cant’s to I cans” – you will start to feel stronger and more at peace.

Once your thoughts and words are aligned then the next step is to get your actions aligned.  

It’s easy to stay on plan when you feel motivated, but if you only stay 100% when you feel good you are always going to stay stuck.

True transformation only happens when you are able to dig deep and take the actions you need to take WHEN IT IS HARD.

You can increase your chances of staying on track when it is hard by knowing when your weak times are and planning ahead.

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Our Daily Magical Me Transformation Journal has been specifically designed to keep your mind focused when you are on plan AND maintaining.  

Everyday in the journal you are prompted to plan your day and look out for challenges or weak times and plan ahead what you are going to do to make sure you do not slip up and you stay CONGRUENT.

Here are 4 examples of HOW you would plan ahead to stay on track with plan…


If you know your weak time is the takeaway at the weekend while watching your favourite TV shows, then take the time to plan to have a nice bath and a pamper session and then do your nails while watching your favourite shows.  

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If you have the habit of always ordering a coffee and a treat when you are watching the kids at their sports activities, make sure you plan ahead.  Bring a bottle of water and a Pineapple Fatburner Boost with you, to get you over the afternoon slump. Bring a New You Coconut Meal Bar or a packet of New You High Protein Salt and Vinegar Crisps with you.  Plan ahead and stick to your plan, so that you stay congruent. 


If you find yourself like a zombie opening up the fridge door every 15 mins in the evening, that is your brain continuing your old habits. You need to switch up your routines and change the wiring in your brain. Get out and go for a walk. Walking is one of the best ways for you to boost your weight loss, change your mind and change your life.


The best way to overcome this is SAY THANKS, BUT I CANNOT COME. You are going to have to turn down invitations that are going to take you off track. If your health and happiness is important to you, then you will STAY CONGRUENT. Don’t let other people pull you off your course to a New You. 

Think about an actor preparing for a movie role.  He needs to get ripped and have an 8 pack to play a character in a blockbuster movie. Do you think he goes out with his mates at the weekend for a beer and a curry?  NO – if course he doesn’t because he has a job to do, he has to stay focused and he has to get to his target weight to look the part for his movie. 

Treat your New You journey like this – totally dedicate yourself to your transformation. Pick a date that you need to be at goal as if you are preparing for movie and you are the main actor. Because guess what, you are the main actor in your own life story, and you get decide how you show up.  So decide to show up as the best version of you, and SAY NO to any invites that are going to take you off plan. 

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The key to changing your actions is to be proactive and SWAP the habits that are keeping you STUCK to habits that will EMPOWER you and your New You journey.

You will feel happier, and your weight loss journey will be easier and more enjoyable!

And you know what they say about time… 

“Time flies when you are having fun!”

The results you will get when you are 100% on the plan will be so exciting!

If you can be congruent for the next 6 months, you will enjoy your journey and be happy every day.  

You will be healthier, fitter, more disciplined, have high self esteem, and be able to look in the mirror and feel so much pride for what you have achieved and transformed, inside out.

So my challenge to you is this week to be aware of BEING CONGRUENT.  

PLAN AHEAD so that your actions back up your heart and mind’s desire to be the slim healthy version of yourself that you truly deserve to be and CAN BE. 

Write in your Magical Me Daily Transformation Journal everyday, take control of your life by getting your thoughts, words and actions in alignment to your dreams of that healthier beautiful version of yourself.

Self love is a beautiful thing, so start with being in peace and in harmony with yourself by committing to being congruent with your thoughts, words and actions.


Julz xox


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