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Tasha blog 4 – Week 4, Total loss 22lb – week loss 6lbs

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Week 1 - 4 side

I have lost ANOTHER 6lbs this WEEK!!!! That is 3 weeks in a row – I am so buzzing with my results and I am just so happy all the time!!!!


I have stayed 100% from the start of my journey and I am feeling fab!!!


Today I am going to Answer some of the questions that we ask our slimmers in their interviews just so you can get to know a little more about me!

1) Mini profile!12837165_10153753846583880_1811561187_o

– My Name is Natasha Hynes aka Tasha 

– I am from Northern Ireland 

– I am 24 years old 

– I work for The New You Plan as the Community Manager 

– I started The New You Plan on March 1st 2016, weighing in at 16 Stone 12 lbs 

2) How long have you been on the plan & how much weight have you lost?

-I have been on plan for 32 days now and I have lost an AMAZING 22lbs BOOOOOM!!!!!! 

3) What led to you making the decision to take control & start the plan?

– I was just getting bigger and bigger, I wasn’t happy, I hated how I looked and I just felt absolutely horrible everyday. 

4) How did being overweight make you feel?

– Disgusting 

– Ugly 

– I was self conscience

– I couldn’t have my other half touching around my belly I hated him feeling my fat 

5) How did you feel when you started the plan? How was the first week?

– I felt really good because I was actually doing something about it! 

– My first week was fab – I never got any of the effects of ketosis and I just felt AMAZING because I was finally going to make the change and look after myself again. 

6) When did you start to see results?

– I started the see results after the first week, I had only lost 4lbs as it was TOTM but I was less bloated and knew that it was working! 

7) What was your first fist pump moment? How did it make you feel?

– My first fist pump moment was when I wore jeans again for the first time in over 6 MONTHS!!! I had been wearing leggings and loose clothing because I hate the feeling of being constricted. 


8) Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

– My inspiration has got to be all the AMAZING slimmers they have been there for me from day dot, and they show my so much support all the time. Before I started the plan I was always giving them advise on their weight loss but I never actually cared about my own body. Boy that has changed so much now. 

9) What 3 words would you use to describe yourself before your weight loss?

✅ Sluggish 

✅ Disgusting 

✅ Fat – No other way to put it – that’s how I felt 

10) And what 3 words would you use now?

After being on plan for 4 weeks I now feel: 

✅ Slimmer 

✅ Lighter 


11) What 3 New You Plan Meals or Snacks can you not live without?

OMG I am totally in love with the:pizap.com14595076087451

✅ Pasta Carbonara

✅ Nutty fudge Bar 

✅ And the PANCAKES – they are out of this world!!! 

12) What are you top 3 tips for staying on track?

1⃣ Make a plan and set yourself MINI targets! 

2⃣ Drink Plenty of water daily – I try to get around 4-5 litres of water in me a day – it becomes easier as you get further on in plan 🙂 

3⃣ Always and I mean ALWAYS think about the positives!! 


13) What do you love most about the Secret Slimmers community?

I love every single little bit about it, the people in the group are AMAZING, I work for The New You Plan and I am the Community Manger, I spend a lot of time on the group when in work and out of work. I Love them all!! they are all such an inspiration, you can share anything with them and they will always have a way to congratulate you or pick up up if you are feeling down. I put a post up recently updating everyone on my weight loss and the support I got was AMAZING!!! You can see by the image below: 

Screenshot 2016-04-01 11.28.45

14) What advice would you give anyone considering starting the plan?

Honestly I couldn’t encourage you enough to at least give it a try, a lot of customers tell me that this is the only diet that has ever worked for them and they are all over the moon with the results they get. The products all taste AMAZING, it doesn’t even feel like you are on a diet sometime – like who knew you could have a chocolate bar on plan??

It really is such a good diet and it gives you a sense of control over what it going into your month – this in turn will help you in the long run whenever you return to eating normal foods and Maintaining your weight loss. 

Honestly what else do you have to lose by trying it other than weight?? Just go for it 🙂 🙂 🙂 



Lots of Love

Tasha ???


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