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Tasha blog 3 – Week 3, Total loss 16lb – week loss 6lbs

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I am absolutely BUZZING, Stood on the scales on Tuesday for my 3rd weigh in and guess what – I lost ANOTHER 6lbs!!! You know what that means???


I Feel So AMAZING, I am absolutely loving life, I was so excited to see 15Stone 10lbs on the scales – I was jumping for joy and I have had a smile on my face ever since!!!

Last week was a really easy week for me my routine is working well and my water is going down a treat, I am determined more than ever and I wasnt this So so bad!!!!


We all know the Easter bunny is coming this weekend and this is when temptation is going to be coming to you left right and centre, there will be chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!! The kids will be off school, you will be off work, your routine will change you will have to try and adapt. Its hard I know it, I really struggle with the plan when I am off work but I keep myself busy, write a list and stick to it.


I am going to share with you my top tips to stay on track over The Easter Holidays: 

✅ Plan your days: Preparation is key when doing a TFR diet, it is really good to know what you are going to have and have it sitting out for the day ahead. 

✅ Get a journal: Write why you want to be slim, healthy and happy. Start and end everyday reading your why and write in the journal how you are feeling on your journey. Always stay focused on your why.

✅ Drink plenty of water: Before you tear open that bag of crisps, stop and fill up a glass of water. Often we confuse hunger for thirst so end up consuming calories when really all that is needed is an ice cold glass of water. On The New You Plan we recommend drinking 4 litres of water per day. Just think of it this way – The More You Drink, The More You Shrink. 

✅ Keep yourself busy: Have you got kids that are off over The Easter Holidays – Take them to zoo, a park, go for walks, go to the beach, go swimming, go bowling, go to an adventure play area – any of these activities is going to keep you busy and the kids happy – win win situation here. If you dont have any kids like myself you can do other things as well, I love going for long country walks, going to the cinema, bringing the dogs out, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, going for a run, going swimming, meet up with friend for a chit chat. There are so many things that you can do that will keep your mind off food!!

✅ Treat yourself: You work hard and you are determined to smash your goals so why don’t you treat yourself?? Go and get your hair done, get your nails done, go and get a massage, go shopping do something that is going to reward you for your well earned efforts. 

✅ Use Secret Slimmers: Post in secret Slimmers everyday! Join in with our theme days and have fun! Ask for help and help others. Get tips and support, there is always someone on the page that can help. 


A lot of people always ask what if I am not strong enough to stay on plan or what if I cant do this?? 

How bad do you want it? Do you want to be slim and Healthy? 

Then you know what – you can do it you just have to put your mind to it, if you want something bad enough you will work for it, you wont let anything stand in your way of achieving you goal.

At the start of the journey I kept telling myself that I am going to fail, that is not a way to think, in all honestly it is the WORST thing you can do. I learnt that in order for me to appreciate myself I have to give myself a chance at succeeding. 

I have done this – I am now on my 3rd week of the plan and I feel AMAZING I am so glad I started my journey when I did. I am so incredibly happy with myself.

You will have so much support when on The New you Plan, you will be able to get through to the team on the phones, live chats, you can reach me personally on my Facebook and I will always be there to help you. I love helping people so much and I am determined to help your feel how I feel. 

You will never be stuck for that little bit of extra motivation, we have AMAZING blogs on our website that you can read and they will put you on the right track but if that doesn’t work then there is ALWAYS Secret Slimmers!! The page is fab and everyone on the page is brilliant, there will always be someone there to answers your queries or pick you up that is the best thing about it.


 week1and2 side


What have you got planned over the Easter holidays??

I have so much planned to keep myself busy and I cannot wait 😀 😀

I am going to be:

  1. Spending my Friday night cleaning – you know I have to do a spring clean now 🙂
  2. Saturday I am going to the beach with the puppies
  3. Sunday I am going to County Wicklow for a dog show 🙂 Excited for this 😀 😀
  4. Monday I will be spending the day with my other half doing something special.

Keep yourself busy and you will succeed 😀 😀 That is the Key ???




Love you all 

Love Tasha xxxx


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