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Happy New Year’s Eve From The New You Plan


Happy New Year’s Eve! Today is the final day of 2018 and the perfect time to set your focus on an amazing year ahead. Here’s how you can make 2019 YOUR year! TOMORROW is the start of 2019!!! Can you believe it; this year is nearly over!!!! Are you glad that 2018 is over? Or have you had an AMAZING year?? We are all different we have all faced different challenges this year. We have all had the good, bad and the ugly. But guess what?! You are here and you are becoming stronger and stronger with each challenge. This helps you to become the best person you can be, […]

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[ Success Story ] – Jane lost 3 1/2 stone in just 2 months!* Find out how..

Like many of our customers, Jane’s busy lifestyle made it difficult to control her weight. She tried every diet plan, including Weight Watchers and Diet Chef, but the results were minimal. And then, thanks to a recommendation from a friend, she found The New You Plan. Today, in her success story interview, Jane opens up about how it felt to be overweight and how losing an incredible 3 stone 6 pounds in only 2 months has completely changed her life for the better. Jane, what do you think led to your weight gain? I have never been a skinny person, in fact my own saying is that ‘I was born at […]

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The Countdown to Success this Christmas – Our Secret Slimmers share their weight loss victories just in time for the Festivities!

Secret Slimmers

Lets take a step back and think about a time a few months ago.. After Halloween is over the Christmas chaos soon starts easing in (if not before!). Its during this time we start to think about all that Christmas entails, fancy events, work do’s, parties and of course seeing that group of relatives you haven’t seen since this time last year. The initial fear starts to creep in as everyone wants to look their best during the festive period. Simple things like ‘what outfit to wear?’ can soon become ‘does it still fit?’ and the worry can overwhelm you even though you know it is still months away. This […]

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[OPEN FOR REGISTRATION] Slim Down August Weight Loss Challenge!!

Register NOW for the Summer Slim Down August VLCD Weight Loss Challenge! Put your name and weight loss goal for AUGUST in the comment section below. This month it is time to Slim Down! We want you to be feeling 100% slim and confident. In just one month you can change yourself in some many ways. We are here to help keep you accountable and track your weight loss for the month. LET’S DO THIS!! OUR NEW YOU VLCD WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE IS A WINNER BECAUSE:- Research shows that those who publicly commit to a goal are more likely to succeed. Research shows that those who get motivating weight loss […]

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Fist Pump Friday – What has you fist pumping on your weight loss journey?!

Woohooo!! It is FRIDAY AGAIN! ROLL ON THE WEEKEND! I hope you are all having a wonderful July! We are having such a GREAT week at the New You!  The July Weight Loss Challenge has tons of entrants and ver 400lbs lost already. I have a feeling this month is going to be HUGE!! WOOHOO! We are all loving the interactions on our blogs and tasks this week. You guys are ROCKING IT! Remember there are Some great prizes up for grabz too! Now let’s make July one to remember! WOOHOO!! Don’t forget to REGISTER FOR  OUR JULY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE.   The leader board will be updated on a Monday […]

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Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 91 (REFEED)

  Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 91 (REFEED) Ellie’s week 13 weigh in week | 1 refeed | VLCD Hey Everyone, Thank you all for joining me at the end of my first week of refeed. It has been such a busy week for me however I am still smiling, feeling slim and loving life. As you can see I have stayed the same weight as last week which I am extremely  happy about. I had a weekend away there for my sisters hen, I did make some great choices  and it has really paid off. I was quite scared and afraid to go on to refeed, I was worried […]

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FAQ Friday: How can I find the allergen information for your products? | VLCD

FAQ Friday: with Grant How can I find the allergen information for your products? | VLCD When you have more in depth questions about VLCD products the answers can be hard to find, we try and make finding all the info you could ever need as easy as possible. Today I will show you not only how to find out more about the allergen advice but also just to find out more about the  ingredients too. FAQ Friday: How can I find the allergen information for your products VLCD   My video walk through of how to find all the nutritional info for our products: How to check the calories […]

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FAQ Friday: Do I need to speak to a Doctor before starting The New You Plan? | VLCD

Frequently Asked Questions Friday with Suzanne and Lorna: Do I need to speak to a Doctor before starting The New You Plan? | VLCD FAQ Friday: Do I need to speak to a Doctor before starting The New You Plan? | VLCD  So do I need to speak to my doctor before I start a VLCD? Your doctor knows you best, they know your medical history and they know all the small things that may otherwise not be called into question. For the sake of keeping safe and having that peace of mind it is so important to get their input before you start! Tips to Getting Started [box type=”info” […]

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Set For Success Sunday: More Tools, Tips and Tricks for a 100% week | VLCD

Set For Success Sunday Tools, Tips and Tricks for a 100% week | VLCD The  Tools: I have another couple of tools for you again this week. I have made the weekly planner available again here. [box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANNER HERE[/box] In addition to this I have provided the link to our most successful coaching programme ever which is the 7 Day Kick Start: [box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Access 7 Day Kick Start Now[/box] With the aid of these two tools there is actually very little that should stand in your way on our VLCD. The second tool, the 7 Day Kick Start Programme is going to be particularly […]

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Lisa, the face behind our Secret Slimmers | TFR VLCD Mentor

Meet Lisa our lovely mentor on Facebook and our famous Secret Slimmers This is a rare interview we had with our otherwise camera shy Lisa. I wanted to write a quick blog today celebrating the lady who has helped change the lives of so many men and woman. For those of you who are new to The New You Plan, we offer a one of a kind support group on Facebook which is completely private – hence the name Secret Slimmers. This page has been specially designed and managed to give the best results for our customers who are acclimatizing to our TFR (Total food replacement) VLCD (Very Low Calorie […]

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