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New You Random Act of Kindness: Melissa Cooks Up a Treat for Dawn

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Melissa RAK for Dawn!

In April I chose the WONDERFUL and INNOVATIVE New You Plan Masterchef – Dawn!

Dawn truly deserved to be treated, as she has not only created some delicious and quirky recipes from The New You Plan TFR products for all of us in Secret Slimmers, but has also started her own YouTube channel to show us all how it’s done!

I have personally benefited – as many of the Secret Slimmers community have – from using her recipes to keep myself on track when on the plan.  Her cookakes (made from TFR Oatmeal and TFR Hazelnut shakes) have staved off many a night time nibble craving, and don’t even get me started on how amazing her TFR Cottage Pie Rostis are because THEY ARE TRULY OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I decided to give Dawn a proper treat all to herself as she has put so much time and effort into these lovely recipes, as well as being an AMAZING member of Secret Slimmers as she is so positive, funny, supportive and just ACE in every way – so I sent her a box of New You Plan products and a SPA TREATMENT so she could pamper herself.

Dawn's RAK Treat!

A massive thank you to Dawn from me and everyone here at The New You Plan – we ADORE YOU! 

Love, Melissa xxx

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6 Responses

  1. great choice melissa dawn is a fantastic support to me and lots of ss and i agree she is our own personal masterchef,love making all of her recipies never a dull moment with our dawn and we love her xx

  2. Dawn says:

    Aww thanks Melissa, your never fail to overwhelm me xxx